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New M12 fast connectors


Fieldbus plugs with D-SUB and M12 interface  

The fast connectors are available with different outlet angles

The new fieldbus plugs for PROFIBUS and CANopen® combine the D-SUB connection usually used for IP20 protection with the M12 connector that has long since prevailed for IP65 protection modules.

Thanks to various cable inputs, fast connectors can be used in many versatile ways. The new, fully-molded housing offers a high degree of mechanical protection with a comparatively low weight. This allows the products to also be used in applications subject to strong vibrations without posing a risk to expensive modules. The SPEEDCON fast connection enables error-free locking with just one rotation. In this manner, ready-made components are installed very quickly. This is the reason why the plugs are particularly well suited to series production of machines, where wiring errors need to be eliminated from the final machine structure. The product range comprises 14 plug versions with various M12 outlet angles, including versions with a second D-SUB connection for programming and diagnostic devices.


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