PSRmini safety relays

PSRmini safety relays – full performance on 6 mm

Proven safety in its narrowest form: with the new safety relays you can save up to 70% of the space required for safety functions.

PSRmini relays are the narrowest safety relays in the world with force-guided contacts.
With a width of just 6 and 12 mm, they offer the same performance as a large safety relay.
The highly compact design is possible, thanks to the newly developed relay technology from Phoenix Contact. With its combination of unique features, PSRmini has been specifically optimized for use in machine building and the process industry.

Your advantages

  • Space savings of up to 70%, thanks to the compact design and maximum flexibility of the safety relays with force-guided contacts.
  • Maximum safety and high switching loads of up to 6 A, thanks to innovative relay technology from Phoenix Contact
  • Access to all relevant markets, thanks to global approvals
  • Simplified creation of distributed concepts, thanks to the installation of safe coupling relays directly in Ex zone 2
  • Modular configuration of safety concepts, thanks to fine-grained architecture with one enabling contact or more

The new generation of safety relays: PSRmini

Highly compact PSRmini safety relays with force-guided contacts  

Highly compact PSRmini safety relays with force-guided contacts

The PSRmini product range comprises a total of 28 products in 6 mm and 12 mm versions. Despite the narrow design, the products offer maximum performance: they switch loads of up to 6 A, are compatible with many signal transmitters and safety-related controllers, are versatile, thanks to comprehensive approvals, and much more.

The compact design quickly pays for itself, as numerous signals can be processed in a confined space, thereby utilizing the space in the control cabinet to optimum effect. The fine-grained architecture makes a modular design of safety concepts possible: the 6 mm version is available with 1 to 2 enabling contacts, the 12 mm version with 2 to 3.

With PSRmini, you save on space and gain flexibility, without the need to make compromises in the application.

Groundbreaking: new relay technology from Phoenix Contact

The new 6 mm elementary relay

The new 6 mm elementary relay

The centerpiece of the new PSRmini device family is the relay technology developed by us. The just 6 mm wide elementary relay with force-guided contacts impresses with its numerous technological details and is as reliable as safety technology should be. It is its robustness, reliability, and diagnostic capability that sets it apart from a standard elementary relay.

In order to ensure high production accuracy and to meet our stringent quality requirements, the elementary relay and all of its individual parts are manufactured by Phoenix Contact.

Classic safety functions, new safety concepts

PSRmini for machine building  

Scalable safety relay solution for machine building with PSRmini

In addition to the low space requirements, the new PSRmini safety relays offer the following advantages, particularly in the field of machine building:

  • Complete range, compatible with many signal transmitters such as emergency stop equipment, safety door switches, and light grids
  • Modular structure of safety functions thanks to the provision of just one enabling contact
  • Comprehensive approvals for global markets
  • Force-guided contacts for maximum safety levels up to PL e according to ISO 13849 and SILCL 3 according to IEC 62061

Full SIL3 performance in potentially explosive areas

PSRmini for the process industry  

Unique packing density with PSRmini in the Termination Carrier

The safe PSRmini coupling relays are used for signal amplification and electrical isolation in conjunction with the outputs of a safety controller. Adapted to the relevant process control systems, the new product range offers SIL-certified coupling modules for safe deactivation (Emergency Shut-Down) and safe activation (Fire and Gas).

In addition to reduced space and material requirements, PSRmini offers numerous other advantages:

  • Shorter downtimes during scheduled maintenance phases, thanks to simple, fast diagnostics directly at the device or the controller
  • Use of safe coupling relays in potentially explosive areas for the simpler creation of distributed concepts
  • System cabling using customer-specific Termination Carriers for fast, error-free startup and connection in the field


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Relay technology from Phoenix Contact

Combines forced-guided contacts with an extremely high level of performance and a minimum overall width.