Control cabinet manufacturing in the drinks industry: cost-effective, even with a batch size of 1


Krones relies on the ClipX concept

Krones relies on the ClipX concept

  • As a global manufacturer of bottling and packaging systems, Krones AG continuously optimizes not only its solutions, but also its manufacturing processes.
  • The concept from Phoenix Contact enables the ever-increasing number of control cabinets to be produced quickly, cost-effectively, and without errors.
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System development from an Industrie 4.0 perspective  

Krones develops innovative systems

The Krones Group plans, develops, and manufactures machines and complete systems for the fields of process, bottling, and packaging technology. Until now, the fully assembled terminal strips required for the production line were assembled manually in several steps.

After cutting the respective DIN rail to length, the terminal blocks had to be snapped on. Then the employees assembled and mounted the marking material as well as the connectors, bridges, and other accessories.


eCl@ss and AutomationML  

Consistent standards: eCl@ss and AutomationML

The system designed by Phoenix Contact is a combination of the Clipx-Cutter and Clipx-Loader technologies developed in the company's machine building department.

The DIN rails stored in a magazine are individually cut to the required length in a way that optimizes consumption. The offcuts can be transported into the system manually in an auxiliary device. In the next step, the DIN rails are assembled fully automatically with a variance of up to 50 different terminal types using sophisticated magazine technology. Thanks to a patented logistics solution, employees can fill the magazines while the primary production process is ongoing or, if necessary, replace them completely. A setup assistant designed for operating personnel enables the guided integration of additional terminal types without the system having to be programmed or operated under close supervision.

The system processes automated orders from the engineering department and the manufacturer's order pool using the Clipx-Control system without any intermediate steps, whereby employees are continuously notified of the system status. The system also checks whether the respective order can be produced and whether there are engineering errors, in which case the order can be sent back for correction.

The consistency of the data, from the E-CAD software used to the manufacturing control system, plays an important role here. As such, a central aspect of the forward-thinking Industrie 4.0 project has been incorporated into the solution: the manufacture of products in a batch size of one at the cost of series production.


Krones and Phoenix Contact are already working on concepts for further sub-processes in the field of control cabinet production that will be of use to other control cabinet manufacturers.

They are focusing, for example, on standardizing product data on the basis of the eCl@ss classification standard. If the identical product descriptions are translated into a uniform description language – for example AutomationML – the required information can be made available at the right time, in the right place, even in heterogeneous system landscape with a large number of systems and tools.


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