Axioline – every network, every environment

Axioline – every network, every environment

The Axioline I/O system is available for every network and every environment. New: Axioline E for field installation.

All options are available to you with the Axioline I/O system. Use Axioline in your control cabinet and in the field, and choose the right I/Os for your specific network.

Axioline I/Os are always fast, robust, and easy.

Your advantages

  • Increased machine output, thanks to fast and synchronous signal acquisition
  • Extremely robust – thanks to the excellent EMC design and sturdy mechanical construction
  • Quick and easy installation, thanks to push-in connection technology, SPEEDCON rapid interlock system, and M12 power
  • Maximum flexibility, thanks to network openness and the wide range of functions for control cabinet and field installation

Axioline F – now also safe

Axioline F – now also safe  

Axioline F: fast, robust, easy – and safe

You can now also implement safety applications with Axioline F. Based on PROFINET and PROFIBUS, these new PROFIsafe modules can be used to acquire and output safety-related signals.

Full integration into the controller manufacturer's engineering tool and the easy, channel-specific parameterization shorten your engineering process, and save time during startup. The channel-specific diagnostic message and easy acknowledgement process also increase system availability.

In combination with the RFC470S safety controller, Phoenix Contact also provides an integrated, safety-oriented solution for PROFINET.

Axioline – every network

Axioline is open to all common Ethernet networks and PROFIBUS.  

Axioline is open to all common Ethernet networks and PROFIBUS.

There is a growing trend in modern automation technology toward Ethernet-based communication protocols. They are ideal for applications in which response time and synchronism are particularly important.

The focus is increasingly on deciding factors such as speed and robustness, as well as easy handling. Based on these requirements, the Axioline I/O system offers components for all common Ethernet systems such as:

  • EtherNet/IP™
  • EtherCAT
  • Modbus/TCP
  • sercos

In addition, the Axioline I/O system components support PROFIBUS DP.

Axioline – every environment

Axioline can be used in the control cabinet and in the field.  

Axioline can be used in the control cabinet and in the field.

Whether for control cabinet installation or field installation – the Axioline I/O system always offers the ideal solution for your application.

For the control cabinet

Axioline F is the I/O system with a modular block design for the control cabinet. Thanks to its particularly short response times, Axioline F is ideal for fast and synchronous processes. The push-in technology ensures quick and easy installation and, thanks to reduced radiation, Axioline F is also suitable for use in buildings.

For field installation

The Axioline E product range with IP65/IP67 protection enables extremely flexible use even under the harshest environmental conditions due to the two different housing types (plastic and metal). The new M12 power connections with up to 2 x 12 A current carrying capacity ensure particularly efficient device supply. Cabling effort is reduced significantly as just one supply line to the device is required. Likewise, SPEEDCON fast connection technology and the mounting plate of the metal device ensure quick and easy installation.

Axioline – fast, robust, easy

Axioline I/Os are fast, robust, and easy.

Axioline I/Os are fast, robust, and easy.

Whether in the control cabinet or the field – all components in the Axioline I/O system feature fast response times, quick installation, an extremely robust mechanical design, and easy handling. Find out for yourself!

Axioline F and Axiocontrol

Axioline and Axiocontrol for a consistent PROFINET solution  

Axioline and Axiocontrol for a consistent PROFINET or Modbus solution

With Axiocontrol and Axioline F, you can create a consistent solution for your automation tasks with PROFINET or Modbus.

The Axiocontrol AXC 3050 high-performance controller controls moderate to demanding automation tasks quickly and reliably. The Axiocontrol AXC 1050 compact controller operates as a PROFINET device and reduces the load on higher-level PROFINET controllers. It is ideal for controlling distributed I/O stations and ensures a high level of availability thanks to the integrated UPS. 

All Axiocontrol controllers can be seamlessly extended with up to 63 IP20 I/O modules from the Axioline F range.


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