Wind farms

Wind farms

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Optimize your feed-in management with communication and control solutions for the wind farm.

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    There are huge changes afoot in the field of telecommunications. For years now, many providers have been replacing their old ISDN or analog telephone networks with “all IP” technology.

The interaction between the plants in a wind farm is becoming increasingly complex. Where once there was a group of plants that were operated as individual power stations, modern wind farms now frequently have to be able to act as a homogenous power station connected to the grid.

In order to ensure that the increasingly stringent directives governing grid feed-in are satisfied, communication between the plants must meet much higher standards. This results in a complex closed-loop control circuit, which is in constant communication with the network so that it can respond to changes by adapting feed-in accordingly. In addition, the network connection via DSL must be protected against unauthorized access.

Your advantages

  • Regulation-compliant feed-in management, with solutions for retrofitting, too
  • Failsafe communication, thanks to redundant network technology
  • Subsystems can be extended flexibly, thanks to modular I/O and control technology

Grid feed-in

Components for data acquisition at the grid feed-in  

PACT RCP current transformers are part of a retrofit solution for grid feed-in

Whether a new installation or retrofitting, with turn-key solutions for the feed-in management of your wind farm, local directives are met in accordance with standards and, above all, efficiently.

PACT RCP current transformers, for example, are at the heart of a time-saving retrofit solution covering all aspects of data acquisition for grid feed-in.

Farm network

Components in the control cabinet  

Reliable components for high availability of your farm network

Wind farm networks must have a high-performance and above all failsafe design. Regardless of whether you want to use your network cables or wireless connection.

At Phoenix Contact you will find the perfect solution: robust cabling systems or flexible WLAN applications. Everything is based on durable industrial electronics and the low installation and maintenance costs make a winning combination.

Weather station

Wind measurement mast  

Record wind force and direction for effective farm control

In order that wind farms can be operated as efficiently as possible, a dedicated wind measurement mast is often installed. The data that is acquired and processed is forwarded via fiber optics or wirelessly to the farm control system.

Phoenix Contact offers systems based on PROFINET for this, which ensure easy and consistent communication across all levels and beyond.

M12 connector systems are ideal for connecting sensors in all weather.

Everything for optimum networking

Redundancy and high performance are the key words for networking wind turbine generators. With our solutions you can ensure failsafe and access-protected communication with the control room and the power supply company's grid at every level. You can thereby achieve the best possible yield because the WTGs are optimally harmonized with the feed-in requirements.

Networking of wind turbine generators

Solutions for secure communication with the control room and the power supply company's grid


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