Drive train

Drive train

The heart of your system

Monitor and control the drive train for maximum availability and minimum wear.

In transmission systems, the drive train is at the heart of the WTG. Continuous monitoring and optimized control can not only improve availability, but also reduce wear on components.

In addition to conventional condition monitoring for vibration monitoring it is now also necessary to reliably monitor a range of additional parameters. Along with solutions relating to condition monitoring, Phoenix Contact also provides a wide range of products for connecting and monitoring currents at the generator.

Your advantages

  • Reliable condition monitoring with EMI-resistant measuring solutions for all relevant parameters
  • Reliable connection technology with robust metal or plastic versions
  • Reduced maintenance, thanks to condition-based component monitoring


Solution for drive train monitoring  

Special connector systems for reliable data transmission

Nowadays monitoring at the drive train involves more than just vibration monitoring: the temperatures and speeds in the various sections are just as important.

Data acquisition is particularly difficult at the generator due to EMI. In many areas, functional safety is also required for data transmission.

Special connector systems from Phoenix Contact ensure safe data transmission here.

High current distribution

Solution for high current distribution  

Heavy-duty connectors for use under demanding conditions.

Power transmission from the generator to the converter places high demands on the components used.

Cabling solutions such as HEAVYCON EVO can cope with strong vibrations and variations in temperature, making them ideal for power, data, and signal transmission in the WTG.

The modular structure supports customer-specific configurations, allowing a considerable amount of time and money to be saved with regard to plant construction.

Braking system

Solution for brake system integration  

Robust wiring solutions for connecting the brake system

In order to intelligently control a brake, the current states must be monitored. Control and evaluation is therefore carried out via the plant control system.

An intelligent brake is not only able to increase the durability of wear parts, it also makes it easier to schedule maintenance.

With its robust components for field wiring, Phoenix Contact provides the ideal solution for integrating the braking systems.

Efficient condition monitoring for greater durability

The drive train with connected generator requires a comprehensive condition monitoring system in order to avoid expensive failures. At the same time, due to the nature of its mechanical design and EMI conditions, it causes environmental conditions which the technology that is used must be able to withstand. Robust monitoring systems from Phoenix Contact are the ideal solution here.

Condition monitoring for the drive train

Monitoring solutions from Phoenix Contact withstand the demanding environmental conditions in the drive train


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