Converters and grid feed-in

Converters and grid feed-in

Standard-compliant feed-in

Turn-key solutions for feed-in management enable you to flexibly respond to events in the network.

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When it comes to feeding generated energy into the power supply network, the latest requirements are much more stringent than they were a few years ago. In order to ensure grid stability, almost every country has significantly tightened the regulations governing grid feed-in. Each WTG or wind farm therefore requires an independent feed-in management system.

Phoenix Contact offers turn-key solutions for your feed-in management and grid monitoring so that you can meet these requirements using standard-compliant systems.

Your advantages

  • Safe connection of power electronics using solutions for every cross section
  • Easy-to-maintain plant protection, thanks to remote querying function
  • Feed-in compliant with regulations, with solutions for feed-in management

Connection technology

Connection technology from Phoenix Contact  

The right connection technology for the size of your plant

Due to EMC, more stringent requirements regarding data and signal communication must be met for the converter.

In addition, the PCB connection technology must be designed appropriately and must also be able to transmit currents of up to 125 A.

Regardless of the size of your plant or which local directives must be observed, you'll find the right technology here.

Protection and distribution

Components for protection against lightning strikes  

Reliable protection against damage by lightning strikes

Due to their exposed location, WTGs are at increased risk from lightning strikes.

With POWERTRAB, Phoenix Contact offers an extremely robust high-performance type 1 lightning current arrester which reliably protects your plant against damage caused by surge voltages.

When it comes to the quick and easy distribution of high currents in your electronics, the CLIPLINE complete range offers the ideal solution for every requirement.

Grid feed-in

Substation at base of wind turbine generator  

Turn-key solutions for the grid feed-in

From retrofitting to new installations: with turn-key solutions from Phoenix Contact for the grid feed-in of your WTG, local directives are met in accordance with standards and, above all, efficiently.

PACT RCP current transformers, for example, are at the heart of a time-saving retrofit solution covering all aspects of data acquisition for grid feed-in.

Standard-compliant energy feed-in at all times

Modern WTGs also have the task of compensating for mains fluctuations and therefore increasing the stability of the network. They must meet the network connection requirements that are based on VDE-AR-N 4105 in Germany, for example. And they must integrate mains and plant protection, which acquires the condition values of the network and implements emergency shutdown in accordance with defined procedures, if necessary.

In line with these requirements, the operation of the WTG must be consistently ensured and the mains network must be continuously monitored at the same time. Solutions for feed-in management from Phoenix Contact can be used to continuously monitor the power supply network, enabling the plant control system to respond to events in the network.

Solution for standard-compliant grid feed-in

Solutions for feed-in management from Phoenix Contact can be used to flexibly respond to events in the network


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