Increased availability of waterways, thanks to state-based maintenance


Passing place  

Optimum flow of traffic on narrow waterways

  • Installation companies and operators of signaling systems for waterways are faced with the challenge of failsafe application control and guaranteeing non-stop operation.
  • Phoenix Contact offers systems with components that can be integrated into the control environment and incorporated into higher-level architectures using a range of communication media.
  • Thanks to its scalability, the solution can be flexibly adapted to meet the most diverse requirements and the web-based diagnostics ensure maximum reliability.


Pole with signal lights  

LED signal lights for light signaling systems

On many waterways, it is often not possible for large ships to pass each other safely, as they cannot always maintain a safe distance. In order for these passageways to remain accessible in both directions 24 hours a day, passing places or one-way systems are often implemented. To control the traffic in such places, signaling systems that send status messages to the captain are used.

The busiest waterways in the world often register more than 100 crossings a day. Should the signaling technology fail, this and the resulting hold-ups would have far-reaching financial consequences.


Control cabinet  

Control cabinet for the automation of signaling systems on waterways

Phoenix Contact offers products and systems for all areas of application. The components are integrated into the control technology in order to monitor and visualize the status of the devices. For signaling applications in waterways, the control cabinets are mounted directly on the signaling equipment. They have an uninterruptible power supply to provide the 24 V voltage level. Thanks to pre-programmed function blocks, status information (e.g., relating to the batteries) can be easily configured in the controller's application program. This means that the information is available at all times, including to the visualization software, and can be accessed from any point in the network.

Surge protection is essential for outdoor systems. Even for this “classic” application, the intelligent surge protection can be integrated into the application program. PLUGTRAB IQ enables the operator to carry out predictive maintenance. It is the only system on the market that can detect and visualize more than two statuses. In addition to the green (OK) and red (device faulty) status messages, an additional operating state is signaled by the color yellow. This signals a critical value for the intelligent devices and notifies the operator that the element should be replaced at the next opportunity.

Web-based visualization  

Web-based maintenance of all integrated components

Scalable and easy to integrate for maximum availability and predictive diagnostics

The intelligent devices and interfaces to Phoenix Contact components open up completely new opportunities for operators and maintenance staff.

The components feature integrated diagnostics, which means that they can be used locally. Alternatively, the user can choose from a wide range of pre-programmed function blocks and integrate the devices into the application program.

The signal systems and control cabinets feature web-based maintenance that can be accessed using various media. In this case, the connection can either be established locally or via mobile network or integrated SHDSL connections. The scalability of the system allows it to be optimally adapted to the operator's requirements on the basis of a cost-effective solution. At the same time, maximum system availability and therefore the reliable operation of the waterways are guaranteed.

Your advantages

  • Quick, easy, and complete integration of all components, thanks to pre-programmed function blocks
  • Reliable solution, thanks to pre-programmed and tested functions within the application
  • Integration into existing control systems with standardized Ethernet protocols
  • Flexible adaptation to the requirements of the application in question, thanks to scalable controller hardware


DescriptionTypeOrder No.
Program/configuration memorySD FLASH 2GB APPLIC A2701190
Uninterruptible power suppliese.g., QUINT-UPS/ 24DC/ 24DC/102320225
Surge protection devicese.g., PT-IQ-1X2-24DC-UT2800976
Energy meterse.g., EEM-MA2502901363
DescriptionTypeOrder No.
Program/configuration memorySD FLASH 2GB APPLIC A
Uninterruptible power suppliese.g., QUINT-UPS/ 24DC/ 24DC/10
Surge protection devicese.g., PT-IQ-1X2-24DC-UT
Energy meterse.g., EEM-MA250


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