Efficient street lighting control via cloud connection


LED street lighting  

Today, LED lighting is the standard technology and offers numerous additional functions

  • For operators of street lighting systems, efficient and energy-saving system control is extremely important.
  • Phoenix Contact offers scalable systems, from simple switching procedures through to complex lighting algorithms.
  • Phoenix Contact is already offering the appropriate technology in preparation for future applications or changes to specifications for public facilities (e.g., video monitoring).


Products for controlling light fixtures  

Products for controlling light fixtures

Today, LED technology is the preferred choice for lighting roads, public plazas, subways, and similar areas and is gradually replacing conventional lighting concepts.

Typically, the huge potential of LED technology is not, however, fully utilized. Simply replacing the bulbs is indeed advantageous, but cannot be fully effective without additional measures. Potential cost savings can only be achieved with optimum control of the light fixtures - i.e., more energy-efficient operation. Modern street lighting should also include additional applications that go beyond pure lighting.


LED lighting  

LED lighting

Phoenix Contact offers products and solutions for street lighting that can either be integrated by manufacturers of lighting systems or installed as additional modules.

The range covers electromechanical products for decades-long operation through to the connection of lighting fixtures to cloud systems. The company has developed charging systems for E-Mobility, for example, that are integrated directly in the lamp post. Light manufacturers can also purchase standardized interfaces for invoice management based on cloud technologies.

The application can be adapted to the individual requirements of the operator

The local authority or operator of the lighting solution decides on the additional features of the installation. The options range from simple switching with corresponding procedures through to the integration of cadastral data and web applications.

Phoenix Contact is already focusing on future trends towards modern, urban infrastructure that will increasingly require the combination of several applications in the light fixture. Demand is increasing not only for the networking of lights, but also for the provision of a public WLAN network. This is based on a significant increase in video monitoring as well as the growing number of electric vehicles. It is precisely for these tasks that Phoenix Contact has developed products that can be combined to form a lighting solution and extend the scope of functions according to requirements. The provision of data for various cloud applications therefore plays an important role.

Data from classic web application can also be used for energy-efficient operation. This may include, for example, detailed weather data or new parameters from the local authority's events calendar with a significant impact on the control of street lighting.

Charge controller topology  

Charge controller for various applications

Your advantages

  • Future-proof systems, thanks to modular design and cloud connection
  • Scalable lighting solutions to suit the individual application, thanks to the integration of additional functions
  • Many years of technological experience based on numerous projects


DescriptionTypeOrder No.
GPRS messaging system for remote control of outputsTC MOBILE I/O X3002903807
AC charging controllere.g., EM-CP-PP-ETH2902802
Type 2 surge protective devicee.g., BLT-T2-1S-320-UT2906101
Access Point wireless moduleFL WLAN 51002700718
DescriptionTypeOrder No.
GPRS messaging system for remote control of outputsTC MOBILE I/O X300
AC charging controllere.g., EM-CP-PP-ETH
Type 2 surge protective devicee.g., BLT-T2-1S-320-UT
Access Point wireless moduleFL WLAN 5100


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