Solution for acquisition of meteorological data


Acquisition of meteorological data  

Acquisition of meteorological data

  • For operators of large photovoltaic systems, the efficiency of the system is the top priority. The performance ratio offers a possible means of measuring this.
  • Thanks to the weather station from Phoenix Contact, planners and system operators have a proven and therefore safe solution for determining the performance ratio.
  • The solution helps operators to optimize system yield and system availability.


Weather station in the PV system  

Acquiring weather information via standard sensors

The acquisition of operating data in photovoltaic power plants is highly complex. It is not sufficient simply to acquire the performance data for the individual module strings and the inverter.

For operators of large photovoltaic systems, the efficiency of the system is of enormous importance. Information on system efficiency is provided by the ratio of the actual and the maximum possible output, also called the performance ratio. In order to calculate these values, the weather station acquires, among other things, values on solar radiation, wind speed, and temperature. This information can be used to detect losses and system failures.

When the wind loading is too high, this information is captured by the weather sensors, processed in the weather station and sent to the control system.

In tracked PV systems, the acquisition of wind speed is even important when it comes to safety, in order to protect the photovoltaic modules from damage. The control system moves the photovoltaic modules to a safe position in order to reduce the effects of force and prevent damage.

Acquisition of meteorological data for ground-mounted systems

Operators of ground-mounted systems require that all meteorological data provided by the sensors is recorded. This data must be transmitted to a central SCADA system for monitoring and control via suitable interfaces.

Data acquisition and transmission must be guaranteed in all ambient conditions which may occur in the field.

Acquisition of meteorological data for ground-mounted systems

Weather station for continuous acquisition of all important meteorological data


Phoenix Contact has everything you need for acquiring meteorological data. Norm 61724-1 describes the accuracy requirements for environmental sensors with respect to system classes A to C. Photovoltaic power plants are Class A systems, which must meet the strictest requirements. All of the sensors available from Phoenix Contact meet the requirements for this class.

All of the available sensors are equipped with a Modbus interface, which brings a number of advantages along with it. On the one hand, only one interface is needed for the data acquisition from all of the sensors, which minimizes system and interface costs. In the event requirements change, sensors can be easily added or even omitted without affecting the interface. This makes the application easy to replicate, even in the face of changing requirements.

As opposed to compact weather stations, the sensors available from Phoenix Contact are individual modules. That means that if an individual sensor fails, only that sensor needs to be replaced. Replacement is fast and easy, thanks to Phoenix Contact M12 circular connectors, which meet the top industry standards.

If you use our data acquisition station, you can connect directly to the switchgear and controlgear assembly using circular connectors. Moreover, the system includes an uninterruptible power supply for bridging short power outages.

Our in-house developed application program with integrated web-based management offers you the option of bringing the sensors into operation without requiring any programming knowledge. Auto-configuration automatically detects all of the sensors connected in the bus and, thanks to the integrated controller, enables them to transmit using common interfaces such as Modbus TCP, Profinet, etc.
At a supply voltage of 24 V, all of the sensors have reverse polarity protection, which minimizes your investment risk.

Interplay of sensors, weather station, data storage, and web interface  

The weather station stores the acquired data locally and makes it available to the user via a web interface

Your advantages

  • All sensors meet the requirements of IEC 61724-1 for Class A systems
  • Low startup and configuration effort, thanks to Plug and Play
  • Flexibility, thanks to the ability to choose sensor technology individually
  • Connects easily, thanks to industrial-quality M12 circular connectors
  • Installation-friendly and easy to connect without programming knowledge
  • Integrated reverse polarity protection for sensor technology
  • Supports standardized interfaces


DescriptionTypeOrder number
Switchgear and controlgear assembly for acquiring and transmitting the measurement valuesSOL-SC-PRO-WTH-STN1076201
Application program including web-based management and interface driver for data acquisitionSD FLASH 2GB SOL-WEATHER-STN2402852
Software licenseSolarworx2403108
Modbus wind direction sensorSOL-ES-PRO-WD1074975
Modbus wind speed sensorSOL-ES-PRO-WS1074976
Modbus temperature, humidity & air pressure sensorSOL-ES-PRO-THP1074977
Modbus secondary standard pyranometerSOL-ES-PRO-PYR1074979
Modbus First Class Standard PyranometerSOL-ES-BSC-PYR1093211
Modbus precipitation weighing sensorSOL-ES-PRO-RF1074978
Modbus reference cellSOL-ES-PRO-RC1074982
Modbus module temperature sensorSOL-ES-PRO-MT1074983
Cabling and fastening hardware  
Traverse for wind sensorsSOL-ES-TRA-7501074980
Traverse for THP & pyranometerSOL-ES-TRA-10001074981
Sensor cable, 0.3mSAC-5P-M12MS/ 0,3-PUR/M12FS SH1500884
Sensor cable, 0.6mSAC-5P-M12MS/ 0,6-PUR/M12FS SH1500897
Sensor cable, 1.5mSAC-5P-M12MS/ 1,5-PUR/M12FS SH1500907
Sensor cable, 3.0mSAC-5P-M12MS/ 3,0-PUR/M12FS SH1500910
Y distributorSAC-5PY-F/M-F VP SH1419933
Protective hoseWP-PA HF 13,0 BK3240681
Connector for reference cellSACC-M12MS-4PL M1424649
DescriptionTypeOrder number
Switchgear and controlgear assembly for acquiring and transmitting the measurement valuesSOL-SC-PRO-WTH-STN
Application program including web-based management and interface driver for data acquisitionSD FLASH 2GB SOL-WEATHER-STN
Software licenseSolarworx
Modbus wind direction sensorSOL-ES-PRO-WD
Modbus wind speed sensorSOL-ES-PRO-WS
Modbus temperature, humidity & air pressure sensorSOL-ES-PRO-THP
Modbus secondary standard pyranometerSOL-ES-PRO-PYR
Modbus First Class Standard PyranometerSOL-ES-BSC-PYR
Modbus precipitation weighing sensorSOL-ES-PRO-RF
Modbus reference cellSOL-ES-PRO-RC
Modbus module temperature sensorSOL-ES-PRO-MT
Cabling and fastening hardware  
Traverse for wind sensorsSOL-ES-TRA-750
Traverse for THP & pyranometerSOL-ES-TRA-1000
Sensor cable, 0.3mSAC-5P-M12MS/ 0,3-PUR/M12FS SH
Sensor cable, 0.6mSAC-5P-M12MS/ 0,6-PUR/M12FS SH
Sensor cable, 1.5mSAC-5P-M12MS/ 1,5-PUR/M12FS SH
Sensor cable, 3.0mSAC-5P-M12MS/ 3,0-PUR/M12FS SH
Y distributorSAC-5PY-F/M-F VP SH
Protective hoseWP-PA HF 13,0 BK
Connector for reference cellSACC-M12MS-4PL M


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