Modular string combiner box concept for PV rooftop systems


PV set for 2x1 string with SUNCLIX connection technology  

PV set with SUNCLIX connection technology

  • String combiner boxes are used in rooftop systems to collect and protect strings, and if required, to separate the panels from the rest of the system.
  • A large portfolio of string combiner boxes for rooftop systems is available immediately; customer-specific solutions are produced at short notice.
  • The solutions correspond to the standard for low-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies and have CE declaration of conformity.


Solar power is an essential source of renewable energy. In an increasing number of countries, renewable energy sources are establishing themselves as the strongest producers of power. Sinking system costs mean that photovoltaic power generation systems are attractive not only from an ecological perspective; they are also increasingly competitive from an economic point of view when compared with conventional power generation.

Stationary battery storage systems are increasingly cost-effective in connection with PV systems and make the use of distributed power generation systems more flexible.

In order to provide optimal surge protection for the various system parts such as PV panels, inverters or battery storage systems, string combiner boxes, known as PV sets, must be used. Furthermore, PV sets, depending on the version, can isolate PV panels from the generation system using a fireman's switch or switch disconnector.


PV set with cable glands and Push-in connection technology  

PV set with cable glands and Push-in connection technology

Phoenix Contact offers a range of different PV sets that are fully assembled and therefore ready for immediate connection.

For the connection of the PV strings, depending on the version the PV sets are equipped either with SUNCLIX panel feed-throughs or alternatively with cable glands to Push-in terminal blocks.

SUNCLIX connectors and Push-in terminal blocks combine the advantages of easy installation with reliable and maintenance-free connection.

PV set with SUNCLIX connection technology  

PV set with SUNCLIX connection technology

Each PV set has a pressure compensation element as standard. This element has a special membrane, which is permeable to air but not water. This is an effective protection against increased humidity and therefore prevents the buildup of condensation in the PV set.

Each PV set does of course conform to the switchgear and controlgear assembly standard DIN EN 61439-2.

If you cannot find the right PV set for your application in the product overview, please contact your local sales partner. Due to our coordinated scope of supply, new versions that match our range of solutions can be made available very quickly.

Your advantages

  • Large portfolio of SCBs in stock
  • Creation of customer-specific solutions at short notice
  • Maintenance-free connection of PV strings using SUNCLIX or Push-in connection technology
  • Fast installation and startup
  • Standard-compliant switchgear and controlgear assembly, thanks to use of DIN EN 61439
  • Application-oriented consultation


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Individual configuration of PV sets

Fully assembled and ready for immediate connection.

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