Solution for monitoring roof-mounted systems


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Monitoring roof-mounted systems

  • To ensure optimum operation of photovoltaics systems, there is increasing demand from investors and operators for system monitoring solutions and visualization.
  • The PV Monitor+ monitoring software acquires voltages and currents and transmits these to a modular small-scale controller via a communication module.
  • If these values fall below or exceed the set parameters, you are informed via text message and can directly intervene, if necessary.


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Early error detection ensures economic system efficiency

For optimum cost effectiveness of photovoltaic systems, it is not enough to simply check the total yield of the system on the feed-in meter at regular intervals. In this way, short-term deviations are not recorded. In addition, the chronological connection between the monitored minimum yield and the cause cannot be determined with certainty.

Furthermore, locating the error in the system is extremely time-consuming, since the feed-in meter only provides an overview of the system. Early detection and localization of system problems are the only way to promptly rectify the causes and prevent significantly reduced yield over a longer period of time.

Prerequisites for prompt detection of system errors with accurate localization
In order to promptly detect deviations from normal operation, the following prerequisites must be fulfilled:

  • Continual monitoring of the performance data on the DC and AC sides.
  • Yield measurement at string level. Measurement at panel level is ideal but cannot usually be implemented for economic and technical reasons.
  • A visualization, so that the acquired performance data can be called up with mobile operator panels via a web interface, at any time.
  • Prompt notification of the operating personnel in the event of operation deviations (e.g., via SMS or e-mail)


Voltage measuring modules for eight lines  

Voltage measuring modules for eight lines

DC monitoring
SOLARCHECK consists of various measuring units for current and voltage. The associated communication unit combines the measuring signals and forwards these to a higher-level small-scale controller. The SOLARCHECK system is designed to be modular and can be precisely tailored to the size and connections of the system. As the data cabling also takes care of the energy supply for devices in the field, only one central power supply is required.

AC monitoring
The EMpro energy meter measures, analyzes, and communicates electrical parameters such as voltages, currents, power, consumption levels, harmonic oscillations, and network asymmetries.

PV Monitor+  

With PV Monitor+, you can guarantee the long-term yield of your systems up to a nominal power of 500 KW

The PV Monitor+ software can acquire the data from one to 512 strings. The right number of strings will always be displayed with the correct parameterization. More strings can be added subsequently.

Web visualization
The PV Monitor+ visualization can be used without special programming knowledge. The PV system data acquired by the PV Monitor+ is available at any time without license. The data is stored in CSV format on the SD card and is either read out via FTP or alternatively, sent via email.

Topology: monitoring solution for photovoltaics roof-mounted systems

Monitoring solution for photovoltaic roof-mounted systems

Your advantages

  • Quick and easy startup without programming knowledge
  • Sustainable and durable solution, thanks to robust industrial components
  • Information always at your fingertips wherever you are, thanks to alarm generation via text message


DescriptionTypeOrder number
Controller-based application program for evaluation of all key performance data of a photovoltaics system via a web interface. Saved on an SD card.SD / 2GB SOL-PV-MON2701975
Small-scale controllerILC 191 ME/AN2700074
Energy measuring deviceEEM-MA2502901363
Communication moduleSCK-C-Modbus2901674
Current measuring module 8 stringsSCK-M-I-8S-20A2903241
Current measuring module 4 stringsSCK-M-I-4S-20A2903242
Voltage measuring moduleSCK-M-U-1500V2903591
DescriptionTypeOrder number
Controller-based application program for evaluation of all key performance data of a photovoltaics system via a web interface. Saved on an SD card.SD / 2GB SOL-PV-MON
Small-scale controllerILC 191 ME/AN
Energy measuring deviceEEM-MA250
Communication moduleSCK-C-Modbus
Current measuring module 8 stringsSCK-M-I-8S-20A
Current measuring module 4 stringsSCK-M-I-4S-20A
Voltage measuring moduleSCK-M-U-1500V


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