Park management: SCADA and portal connectivity

Park management: SCADA and portal connectivity

Scalable photovoltaics park management

System solutions enable you to acquire and evaluate data from your photovoltaics park.

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SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) refers to computer-aided monitoring and control of technical processes. The visualization interface is the interface for interactions between human and machine. Visualizations with SCADA functions impress with their scalability and versatility. In large photovoltaics systems, they are used for monitoring and operating complex processes.

Your advantages

  • Enables technical management of large photovoltaics systems, thanks to portal connectivity
  • Established standards for data formats and communication are supported by SCADA
  • Optimum data availability, thanks to parallel storage in the portal and SCADA
  • Easy startup, thanks to automatic configuration of all park devices
  • Structured implementation and simulation in advance, thanks to the model-based system development

System overview and reporting

A photovoltaics installation must be continuously monitored to ensure economical system operation. Phoenix Contact provides components such as industrial firewalls, mobile routers, and modems to ensure secure connection with local data acquisition systems, monitoring portals, and operations management systems.

Data analysis in the cloud

Thanks to our cloud solutions, you can add cloud services to your existing PROFINET network. This makes it easy to access your photovoltaics system remotely. Services such as monitoring, reporting, calculations or predictive maintenance can also be used.

Continuous portal connection

To avoid data gaps in monitoring and reporting, data is automatically stored locally in the event that the Internet connection between the photovoltaics system and the portal is interrupted. Where necessary, open system interfaces enable connection to existing portals.

Maximum yield, thanks to security in photovoltaics systems

From data communication, through feed-in management, all the way through to visualization, Phoenix Contact offers a broad portfolio of products for safe and highly reliable operation of photovoltaics systems.

Maximum yield, thanks to security in photovoltaics systems  

Productivity data at a glance, thanks to web visualization


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