Feed-in management

Feed-in management

For stable power grids

Implement reliable feed-in management while keeping engineering effort to a minimum.

Distributed photovoltaic systems also need to do their bit to ensure high grid stability. The responsible network operators specify the ranges to be maintained for network frequency and voltage, and for reactive power in their network connection conditions for photovoltaic systems. To check these values, regulators for energy generation systems (EGS) record the present voltage and reactive power at grid connection points.

The respective control values for the inverters are determined based on these values. The solution consisting of hardware and software from Phoenix Contact ensures that the engineering effort with respect to feed-in control is kept to a minimum.

Your advantages

  • Network-operator-specific EGS control
  • Display energy data on the device at the touch of a button
  • Individual long-term archiving, thanks to powerful database technology
  • Tailored reporting, thanks to flexible data analysis and evaluation

Feed-in control

The controller as the feed-in regulator in the application  

Small-scale controllers for optimum feed-in control

At the heart of the EGS control system are class 100 Inline controllers, which are programmed according to IEC 61131.

A comprehensive portfolio of extension modules is available for small-scale controllers. Park operators can adapt this solution optimally to the requirements of the respective photovoltaic system.

Network integration

Energy meter in the application  

The energy meter records important characteristic data from a photovoltaic system

With the network-capable energy meters, you can monitor characteristic electrical data both centrally and on site. You can therefore gather all relevant characteristic data for your photovoltaic system using a small-scale controller and log it in an SQL database.

The energy meters from Phoenix Contact provide you with the right solution for optimal network integration of your photovoltaic system.

Operations management

Interface for operations management of PV systems  

Graphic depiction of data management software

Phoenix Contact provides manufacturer-neutral data management software for recording, archiving, and evaluating direct or calculated operating data.

Graphic depiction of trends and the logging of selected parameters enable efficient and comprehensive operations management of photovoltaic systems.

Feed-in control for stable power grids

Along with the connection to the feed-in management system of the network operator, individual reactive power regulation poses a great challenge.

The network parameters at the network connection point are recorded by measuring devices and transmitted to a central EGS regulator. Then, the actuating values calculated from the reactive power regulator are transmitted to the inverter installed in the system.

Feed-in management for PV systems  

Reliable feed-in control thanks to intelligent automation components from Phoenix Contact


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Flexible PGS controller

Contributing to the stability of our power grids.

Feed-in controller for power generation systems

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