Terminal blocks for fast wiring

Terminal blocks for fast wiring

Fast conductor connection

From the feed-through terminal block to the function terminal – always the right terminal block for your application.

Your advantages

  • Quick and flexible mounting as well as startup, thanks to plug-in connection solutions
  • Wiring time is reduced by up to 60% due to fast connection technology
  • Tool-free wiring and up to 50% lower insertion force due to push-in technology
  • Storage costs are saved due to standardized accessories
  • Terminal blocks tested according to EN 50155


Rail vehicles are subjected to maintenance at regular intervals. Alongside ensuring operational reliability, the aim is to bring the vehicle back into use as quickly as possible.

As such, components that no longer comply with technical requirements or that will exceed their guaranteed service life the next time they are maintained, must be replaced quickly.


The plug-in terminal block solutions particularly excel when it comes to exchanging electrical components. Significant wiring advantages result from IDC connection technology or push-in connection technology.

Plug-in terminal blocks for modular wiring

COMBI plug-in connection solutions  

COMBI plug-in connection solutions

If entire modules are replaced in a train, then plug-in terminal blocks from Phoenix Contact are the ideal choice. The modules can be equipped with COMBI connectors beforehand during fabrication. As such, wiring on site is particularly fast and error-free, thanks to individual coding plug options.

Like the terminal blocks, the COMBI connectors are available with screw, spring-cage, push-in, and fast connection technologies. The nominal data of up to 41 A and 1000 V has made a connection system for signal and power wiring possible. The system therefore meets the most stringent of vibration requirements. Both the terminal blocks and the plugs are touch proof. Extensive accessories are available, from latching mechanisms to shield connections.

Fast connection terminal blocks

Terminal blocks with fast connection technology  

Reduce wiring times with fast connection terminal blocks

The key characteristic of fast connection technology is the patented insulation displacement contact. Stripping the conductors is not necessary. In just one working step, the conductor is contacted and connected safely via the space-saving swivel lever and screwdriver.

As the conductors are connected without prior handling, the time saved is up to 60% in comparison to other connection methods. The terminal blocks with fast connection technology are also ideally suited to applications that have limited space.

Push-in connection terminal blocks

Terminal block with push-in technology  

Tool-free wiring with push-in technology

Easy, direct insertion is the main advantage of push-in connection technology. Up to 50% reduction in insertion forces and tool-free wiring make handling easier for maintenance staff and ensure time is saved while doing so.

However, the push-in connection does not only excel when it comes to installation. Even when components are being exchanged, no special tools are required. With the integrated actuation lever, connected conductors are easily and quickly released.


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