Power supply for point heating

Safe energy supply

Safe energy supply

Power supply for safety technology systems.

Your advantages

  • Fast tripping of standard circuit breakers by means of SFB (selective fuse breaking) technology
  • Error elimination due to preventive function monitoring
  • Reliable starting of heavy loads using POWER BOOST static power reserve
  • Broad field of applications, thanks to a wide temperature range ranging from -40°C to +70°C
  • Tested according to EN 50155


Redundant configuration of the supply with QUINT POWER  

Redundant configuration of the supply with QUINT POWER

Points are exposed to extreme weather conditions. In order to ensure they even function in winter, points are equipped with heating systems. The point controller as well as the point heating must be reliably supplied with 24 V DC voltage. This is connected using a redundant supply structure.

So as to maximize operational reliability, 24 V power supply units switched in parallel must be supplied with two independent sources of power. To this end, 230 V with 16.7 Hz is available to the railway, which the transformer generates from the 15 kV overhead line voltage. The other supply used is 230 V with 50 Hz from the energy supplier.


Power supplies from the QUINT POWER series  

Power supplies from the QUINT POWER series

Thanks to the QUINT POWER device series of power supplies, Phoenix Contact provides products that are suitable for use in signal technology. Four modules with 5 to 20 A nominal output current correspond to railway standard En 50155 and are suitable for applications in rail vehicles.

Components that are used in signal technology should not only be resistant to vibration and shock, but also withstand environmental influences. Regardless of whether the components are exposed to extreme heat or cold, damp or dry air – Phoenix Contact provides products for use in signal technology that meet increased requirements and excel, thanks to quality, reliability, and robustness.

Reliable operation from 16.7 Hz input frequency

The power supply units are suitable for operation with 16.7 Hz at the input. The current from overhead line is used via a transformer. All power supplies can be switched in parallel, to increase power or to establish redundant systems.

QUINT POWER power supplies are highly robust. All modules certified according to to EN 50155 exhibit a wide temperature range from -40°C to +70°C. The Selective Fuse Braking Technology (SFB) supplies up to six times the nominal current for 12 ms to trip the standard circuit breakers quickly. Faulty current paths are switched off selectively, the fault is located, and important system parts remain in operation.

Preventive function monitoring

Comprehensive diagnostics are ensured, thanks to constant monitoring of the output voltage and current. This preventive function monitoring displays critical operating states and indicates them to the controller before errors can occur.

QUINT POWER with conformal coating

Power supplies in the rail industry  

Power supplies fulfil the most demanding requirements

The conformal coating of the PCBs ensures reliable operation of the power supply even in extreme ambient conditions such as dust, corrosive gases or 100 percent humidity.

QUINT POWER modules provide reliable protection against failures caused by:

  • Corrosion-related creepage currents, which primarily occur in environments with over 60 percent humidity
  • Electrochemical migration where a film of moisture forms on the PCB, which affects the conductors and solder materials


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