Fiber optics for communication networks

Fiber optics for communication networks

Long ranges, maximum interference immunity

FO technology – perfect for interference-free connection and bridging long distances.

Your advantages

  • Maximum interference immunity, even when exposed to extreme electromagnetic influences, thanks to optical transmission
  • Maximum transmission distances with an extremely high data rate, thanks to FO technology
  • Automatic cross-wiring via DIN rail connectors enables modular station structures


The North/South long-distance rail line in Berlin travels via the Hauptbahnhof and Potsdamer Platz stations to the Südkreuz station. A communication network for the medium voltage supply connects 17 substations along the rail line.


The communication network for the medium voltage supply was based on fiber optics. The advantages of FO technology are electrical isolation and immunity to EMI, especially when dealing with 10 kV switchgears. In each station, several medium voltage switchgears are used to supply the electrical power. The substations are located right next to the rail stations and at strategic points along the North/South link.

Fiber optic technology from Phoenix Contact is used to network the slave stations with the higher-level control system and to communicate between the local control system and the protective devices and control devices in the medium voltage area.

Modularity and continuous status messaging

The PSI-MOS fiber optics system excels, thanks to its modularity and the continuous evaluation of optical receiving power. For this reason, complex surveying of fiber optic paths is not required.

The direct display of the receiving power via the four-stage bar graph on the devices enables even untrained personnel to perform a qualitative long-term evaluation of the fiber optic paths without the need for expensive equipment.

Interference-free data communication over large distances

PSI-MOS FO converter  

PSI-MOS modules directly indicate the signal quality

The PSI-MOS FO converters are indispensable, especially in systems where long transmission distances and a high level of immunity to EMI are required. The modular design enables individual communication hubs to be established. Any topology is therefore possible, such as lines, stars, and redundant rings.

All transmission media can be easily combined in the PROFIBUS hub. DIN rail connectors are used to connect the devices. You can therefore quickly and easily implement a suitable mix of copper, fiber optics, wireless, and SHDSL for your system.


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