Surge protection for plant in storm-prone Hainan

Hainan in China: production plant for expanded polystyrene

The foundation of the Hainan Shihua Jiasheng Chemical Company is based on the development of global expanded polystyrene production capacities and short-term limited production.

The company was established as a result of a joint venture between the Hainan Shihua Petrochemical Company and the Jiansu Jiasheng Chemical Company.

The objective was the construction of an FCC (fluid catalytic cracking) dry gas installation with a styrene output of 80,000 tons per year. In addition, a pipe network was planned between the two parent companies.

The total investment in the project was 390 million RMB with a projected income of one billion RMB.

The Hainan Shihua Jiasheng Chemical Company also increased the output of the entire sector of industry, in that it contributes 100,000 tons of expanded polystyrene per year.


The Hainan Shihua Jiasheng Chemical Company is situated on the southern border of China. The area is particularly prone to heavy thunderstorms.

Lightning protection was already an important topic in the initial planning phase. Mr Jiang, head of technology, chose to use surge protective devices from Phoenix Contact.


Surge protection in over 2000 elements  

Surge protection in over 2000 elements

The Hainan Shihua Jiasheng Chemical Company implemented surge protection from Phoenix Contact for all field instruments and electrical equipment, for instruments in the control system, and power supply devices.

In total, over 2000 elements are equipped with lightning and surge protective devices from Phoenix Contact.

FLASHTRAB FLT lightning arresters protect the power supply. Surge protection solutions from the VALVETRAB VAL and PLUGTRAB PT product ranges protect the control center. Intrinsically safe versions of the PLUGTRAB S-PT arrester for field installation safeguard the transmission of sensitive data for measurement and control technology.


The ethylbenzene production sites had to withstand frequent thunderstorms. There have been no more problems since the installation of protective devices from Phoenix Contact.

As Mr Jiang explains: "This goes to prove the high quality of the surge protective devices. We absolutely made the right decision. I hope that Phoenix Contact will address more safety operations in the chemical industry in future."


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