Efficient field wiring with junction boxes

Efficient field wiring with junction boxes

Scalable installation concept

Maximum availability thanks to modularity.

Your advantages

  • Reduction in space requirement, weight, and costs for field wiring
  • Increase the reserves for system expansions with the same space requirement
  • Easy and secure ordering process using unique order numbers
  • Global approval package and availability
  • Project-specific planning and positioning support
  • Only one contact person for additional concepts


Field device connection boxes in a chemical system  

Field device connection boxes in a chemical system

Conventional analog and binary signals continue to be the most frequently used signal types in process engineering systems. Depending on the system, a few hundred to several thousand signals are collected in the field and connected with individual wire pairs to the IO cards of the central control technology. This type of signal transmission is the easiest to handle and diagnose, however its classic parallel wiring requires the most space in the field housing.

The individual sensor cables are gathered in field connection boxes (junction boxes) and routed to the central switch room via high-pos. master cables (trunks). System planners and operators are constantly faced with new challenges to save space and thereby money when it comes to field wiring in chemical parks. The same is true of planners and operators of modular systems or offshore platforms and FPSO vessels.

The system parts also need to be planned so that weight is kept low while maintaining enough reserve space for subsequent system expansions.


Alongside an extensive portfolio of modular terminal blocks, Phoenix Contact is now also offering a range of stainless steel housing for all process technology applications which has been specially developed for potentially explosive areas.

CLIPLINE complete  

Reduced overall width saves space

Modular terminal blocks for high packing density in a confined space

With the CLIPLINE complete modular terminal block range, we can look back on over 90 years of experience. In addition to the proven screw connection technology, we are also able to offer a new innovation for field wiring in process engineering: push-in technology.

These modular terminal blocks provide you with clearly arranged and space-saving wiring in a confined space. It prevents incorrect connection and, with the PT 1,5 /S… series with a pitch width of 3.5 mm for example, it offers a connection capacity of 1,5 mm² – this creates space on the DIN rail and reduces the housing needed.

Stainless steel housing with new flange concept  

Stainless steel housing with new flange concept

Stainless steel housing with a certain something

The new stainless steel housing is characterized by its wide temperature range of +140°C to -55°C as well as its global approval package. You can choose from a variety of housing types and sizes (from 100 x 100 x 80 mm to 1000 x 1000 x 300 mm) as well as diverse designs (0 to 4 flanges, cover, door).

The new flange concept of the housing reduces the weight by at least 10% compared to conventional housing without affecting the stability.

Pre-assembled and ready-to-use junction boxes  

The all-in-one solution saves up to 30% of space

Pre-assembled and ready-to-use junction boxes

On request, we can provide you with pre-equipped stainless steel housing as a complete solution. The housing contains our modular terminal blocks according to your requirements. This combination reduces the size by up to around 30% in comparison to conventional field connection boxes. This saves weight, space, and costs for the entire field wiring. All you need to do is choose between space savings (offshore) and additional reserve for system expansions (chemical plants, for example).

We would be glad to work with you to develop an optimum field wiring concept and, upon request, we can supply everything from a single source (single and multi-vendor), worldwide, on time, and tailor-made for your project - just get in touch.

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