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Alarms and monitoring on the high seas

Peters container ship  

Automated alarms and monitoring


Emma is a 90 meter long, 12.5 meter wide ship with a 1A ice class rating. Peters Shipyards B.V., based in the Netherlands, transferred Emma to the G. de Vries shipping company. Just like more than 20 other ships, Emma is operated with a modern alarm and monitoring system, with Phoenix Contact control technology forming the basis for this.


An innovative monitoring system from eL-Tec has been installed to ensure that all processes are carried out safely. The system controls all system statuses of the ship reliably and at the same time executes tasks such as controlling the pumps, navigation lights, and the heating system. The main control and visualization procedures are carried out using a PC-based high-performance controller from Phoenix Contact.


Alarm and monitoring systems for shipbuilding are automated efficiently and reliably with high-performance control technology.


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