Each business area develops its own language and terminology, if only to be able to give new technologies a name. Here you will find definitions of the frequently used terms in the field of e-mobility.

ACAlternating current
CCSCombined Charging System: a combined charging connection system in which both AC and DC charging is possible with a single vehicle inlet.
ComboObsolete designation for the Combined Charging System
ConnectorCharging connector that is inserted into the vehicle.
CPControl Pilot: designation of the connector contact/the cable via which the communication information is transmitted.
DCDirect current
EVElectric vehicle
GB/TPlug geometry for the Chinese market.
HPCHigh Power Charging: charging with powers of 150 kW or higher.
IC-CPDIn-Cable-Control and Protective Device
OCPPThe Open Charge Point Protocol: provides communication between the charging station and a back-end system.
PHEVPlug-in hybrid electric vehicle
PlugCharging connector that is inserted into the charging station.
PPProximity Pilot: contact to establish the current carrying capacity of the charging cable and to activate the immobilizer.
Charging socketCharging socket in the charging station to which the vehicle is connected via a mobile charging cable.
Type 1Plug geometry for the American market, and for part of the Japanese market.
Type 2Plug geometry for the European market.
Vehicle charging socketCharging socket in the vehicle into which the charging connector is inserted.


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