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Our service is your added value

We offer services to help you implement your charging solution.

The key to good service is to exceed the customer’s expectations. This requires customer focus, innovative strength, swiftness, and enthusiasm. These values are a part of Phoenix Contact's DNA.

But this is not the only reason why we are more than just a component provider. We are happy to help you implement your charging solution or application with our wide range of services such as consulting and customization. Upon request, we can also develop customer-specific product versions and tailored solutions that go far beyond what standards demand.

Planning and designing your charging infrastructure

Planning and designing your charging infrastructure  

Typical design of three charge points

We are happy to help you with and supervise you in all phases of your project – from planning all the way to commissioning. We will configure the appropriate products in accordance with your requirements and also create wiring diagrams.

Furthermore, we can also help you to integrate the solution into you building and energy management systems and into that of the billing provider. We take all of the latest charging standards and technological standards into consideration, as well as the German Weights and Measures Act.

Configuring your cooled HPC solution

Configuring your cooled HPC solution  

HPC system components

Are you a manufacturer or planner of HPC fast charging solutions?

Based on the installation space available for your charging stations, the climatic conditions at the installation location, and additional factors, we will configure the ideal combination of HPC charging cables, panel feed-throughs, controllers, and other components just for you.

We are also happy to recommend appropriate cooling units and heat exchangers from one of our technology partners.

Charging connectors with your logo

Charging connectors with your logo  

Charging connectors with customer logo

We can also integrate your company logo into our AC charging connectors upon request. Your charging station or home charging station will then be an integral part of your uniform branding concept and outward appearance.

We can emboss your logo into the soft components of the charging connector or, if you wish, we can print a UV and weather-resistant adhesive label in black and white or in color.

Tailored charging cables

Tailored charging cables  

Various types of charging cables

Choose between various lengths and cross sections, metric or AWG cables, and spiraled or straight cables from our broad product range.

If you cannot find your preferred combination within our range, then we can also design and manufacture a customer-specific product for you. We can also supply the cable end with a step cut, pre-assembled, or compacted upon request.

Developing customer-specific vehicle charging inlets

Developing customer-specific vehicle charging inlets  

Customer-specific charging sockets for automobile manufacturers

We can develop vehicle inlets for series production of your electric vehicle based on the requirements for the available installation space, charging power, and functional scope.

We can integrate functions such as LED displays, lighting, operating elements, and interlock systems for the charging connector and charging socket.

Thanks to our intelligent cooling concepts and high-precision temperature measurement system, we are able to reduce the conductor cross sections, thus reducing the costs of the overall charging system.

Do you want to implement your charging solution with us?

We will be happy to advise you and discuss your project-specific requirements with you.


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