Press shop

Press shop

For maximum fault tolerance

The availability of your system takes top priority, and this is taken care of with solutions from Phoenix Contact.

The press shop is a long-term, considerable investment. Its job is to press and punch car body parts from sheets of different materials at high speed and with a high degree of precision. In addition to the physical requirements placed on vibration resistance, the technical solutions require highly reliable and, most importantly, secure communication.

Phoenix Contacts offers data security by means of security and remote maintenance concepts as well as individual solutions for the safety of machinery.

Your advantages

  • Maximum fault tolerance, thanks to robust products with a high degree of shock and vibration resistance
  • Secure communication with encryption technology
  • Cost-saving and efficient maintenance concepts for distributed system access
  • Safety of machinery, thanks to a controller- and network-independent safety concept

Secure communication

Control cabinet with FL MGUARD security router  

Security router for maximum security

Sensitive system data and demands for the highest possible availability call for a high degree of security in terms of the data transmission.

Security routers from the FL MGUARD product range offer an optional anti-virus scan connector in addition to security mechanisms such as VPN tunnel.

Remote maintenance and diagnostics

Tablet for remote maintenance and diagnostics  

Secure access to process data

Remote access and continuous process data monitoring allow maintenance to be planned and ensure optimum system availability.

Secure remote maintenance connections give your specialists reliable access with fast response times.

Reliable condition monitoring

SafetyBridge components  

Safety solution based on SafetyBridge technology

To monitor the condition of the system, reliable and secure signal paths are required.

SafetyBridge technology offers a network- and controller-independent safety solution. Using standard automation networks, safety-related signals can be transmitted and evaluated without the need for a safety controller.

Safety solutions for the production process

A high level of system availability is paramount to production processes. With this in mind, Phoenix Contact offers sophisticated solutions for a secure remote maintenance concept. The FL MGUARD router protects your system against unauthorized access by people or malware.

Heavy weights are moved in a press shop. The risks associated with these weights place maximum requirements on the protection of machinery personnel. SafetyBridge enables safety solutions to be implemented at the maximum performance level, PLe.

Topology: safety solutions for the production process

The remote maintenance concept includes protection against unauthorized access by people or malware


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