Redundancy means safety

Redundancy at network, power supply, and control level ensures uninterrupted processes during painting.

In many areas, transport, handling, and painting must be performed without interruption and in a highly automated manner. During the painting process, various materials are used in the widest range of ambient conditions. The prerequisites for the quality and efficient use of these materials are data transparency and flexible industrial communication technology.

Automation technology from Phoenix Contact supports these extensive tasks right through to process technology.

Your advantages

  • Reliable processes, thanks to flexible communication networks
  • Uninterrupted procedures, thanks to redundant controller, power supply, and network concepts
  • The best possible sustainable parameterizations for high-quality painting

Redundant networks

Redundant high-performance controllers  

Maximum fault tolerance thanks to redundant controllers

Failsafe automation systems are a must for the drying process. The solution is to use redundant control concepts based on our RFC 460R high-performance controller.

If one controller fails, the other controller takes over control of the function immediately. This means that you can ensure that automation functions smoothly on your painting line.

Redundant power supplies

Redundant power supplies  

Reliable energy supply for automation

If the energy supply to system parts or even individual components is briefly interrupted, this can result in the failure of thermal procedures.

To prevent damage to the system and product, redundant power supply concepts ensure the reliable supply of the automation components.

Explosion protection

Intrinsically safe Ex i I/O modules  

I/Os for use in potentially explosive areas

As a result of the materials used in painting systems, an explosive atmosphere is to be expected.

Phoenix Contact offers intrinsically safe Ex i I/O modules which can be mounted behind the supply terminal. There is a large selection of standard I/O terminals for use in potentially explosive areas up to zone 2 available for this purpose.

Redundancy means safety

Even in painting process engineering areas, a failure would mean considerable damage to products and systems. The solution is redundancy on a network, power supply, and control level with our RFC 460R controller.

Thanks to AutoSync Technology, designed by Phoenix Contact, two RFC 460R controllers automatically configure and synchronize all the redundancy functions.

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Redundancy concept on a network, power supply, and control level


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