Conveying technology

Conveying technology

At the right time and the right place

Our wireless communication concepts support reliable material transport.

Throughout the entire automotive production process, the right materials need to be provided to the right production processes at the right time. It is precisely due to the wide variety of versions that there are high demands on the availability and information processing in the mobile systems.

Solutions from Phoenix Contact enable cost-effective engineering of the visualization and the selective operability of logistics processes. Our wireless communication concepts support reliable material transport.

Your advantages

  • Cost-effective engineering through a selectively operating visualization wizard
  • Low-wear and low-loss switching of drives
  • Installation cost savings, thanks to reliably tested wireless technology

Safely switching drives

CONTACTRON hybrid motor starters  

Switch and monitor drives safely with the CONTACTRON hybrid motor starter

Not all drives in conveying technology need a frequency inverter. Thanks to the CONTACTRON hybrid motor starter from Phoenix Contact, drives can be switched and monitored with minimal wear and losses.

This motor control solution enables particularly fast, easy integration into the fieldbus system. In the event of an emergency stop, the power is safely shut down.

Wireless communication

Electric monorail system for the automotive industry  

Wireless data transmission in an electric monorail system

In conveying technology, hard-wired communication is often rather expensive and requires a great deal of maintenance. Phoenix Contact offers proven wireless solutions, for data transmission in an electric monorail system and overcoming the limitations of a cross conveyor, for example.

Distributed operation

Control panel in automotive production  

Viswiz visualization wizard for remote systems

The Machinery Directive only permits the operation of areas which are visible. This stipulation makes automatically generated visualization on remote systems a challenge.

Consequently, Phoenix Contact has developed Viswiz, the selective visualization wizard. This provides you with the right visualization in the right place.

Integral conveying concept

Conveying technology extends through all manufacturing areas of a vehicle production line. In various automation applications, communication can take place wirelessly: from floor conveying vehicles, to skid systems, through to electric monorail systems.

Our solutions are based on comprehensive expertise from previously completed projects. They also feature the safe switching of motors and operation designed with the viewing area in mind.

Topology: conveying concept

Phoenix Contact offers a conveying concept for all manufacturing areas of a vehicle production line


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