Product support

Product support

From design to operation

We provide concrete support in the event of any questions you may have regarding the safety hardware and software offered by Phoenix Contact.

You can contact our support team for everything from a preliminary clarification of the technical aspects to planning, implementation, and the operating phase. Our experts also provide support with the parameterization and configuration of the safety controller and the integration of the safety solution in the standard process.

Safety hotline: round-the-clock support

Smartphone with safety hotline

Safety hotline: round-the-clock support

Our experts are on hand round the clock, 365 days a year, to answer your application questions regarding Phoenix Contact products via our free safety hotline. Every minute counts when it comes to system availability.

Likewise, in an emergency, your contact partner will coordinate replacement parts support outside of office hours. As we keep a record of all hotline calls, any further issues relating to closed cases can be easily followed up and discussed.

During normal office hours, we will also be happy to help with any general aspects of safety technology that you wish to clarify.

In the event that the reason why a product is behaving a certain way cannot be determined immediately, our safety experts will try to re-create the specific circumstances.

Safety hotline: + 49 5281 9-462777

Safety support

On-site service by Phoenix Contact

On-site service by Phoenix Contact

On-site support: where an issue cannot be dealt with by phone, our safety experts will be with you on site at a moment's notice to provide support during the startup and maintenance of your system:

  • Correct installation and function check of safety components during startup
  • Introducing operating personnel to the function of the safety components
  • Irregularities during active processes
  • Error localization
  • Troubleshooting
  • Replacement of safety components

Hardware/software workshops:

  • Effective implementation of the requirements of EN ISO 13849-1
  • Safe application software
  • Application-specific product selection
  • Simulation of the safety logic using drag and drop
  • Startup of the safety application

Concept support: software and hardware

Startup of safety components

Startup of safety components

Concept development
Once we have your requirements, we work with you to create your individual safety concept:

  • Determining the requirements for a rough concept of the safety-related parts of the control system
  • Selection of suitable products
  • Support with product decisions

Concept examination
Have you developed a safety concept and want to know whether it is feasible? We will be happy to carry out the technical examination for you.


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