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Phoenix Contact expert consulting with customers on the topic of functional safety  

We can consult with you on the topic of functional safety

We share with you our years of experience covering all aspects of functional safety.

Through general consultation, we will provide you with a basic insight into the measures required for functional safety.

To ensure that your specific requirements are addressed, we focus on your needs. This will provide you with a specific plan for subsequent stages and allow you to take appropriate measures.

Safety consultation

Our consultation with you on the topic of the safety lifecycle follows a standardized topic catalog. This document covers all the necessary legal and normative aspects for your specific topic. The topic catalog is essentially a guide that you receive as part of the consultation process. It is designed so that you can add your own personal notes during a consultation session. For further topics, you will receive the minutes following the consultation.

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Functional safety [PDF, 0.19 MB]
Individual consultation
English 12.10.2015

Safety consultation whatever the location

As part of our services, we offer a web consultation that provides you with even faster support whatever your location. During a web conference safety experts provide advice on topics from the process for the safety of machinery; this can include general advice on the safety lifecycle for machinery or detailed advice on individual phases, from risk assessment to validation. The topic is agreed in advance. The costs are based on the time involved for the consultation. There are no additional costs such as travel expenses.

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Functional safety [PDF, 0.17 MB]
Individual consultation whatever the location
English 12.10.2015

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