Machine manufacturers

Machine manufacturers

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Rely on the know-how of our experts when it comes to the implementation of your safety-related requirements.

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  • Consultation

    We share with you our years of experience covering all aspects of functional safety.

  • Seminars

    With our seminar topics, we cover all the challenges presented by the Machinery Directive with respect to the manufacture and placing on the market of machinery.

  • Implementation

    So that you can continue to focus on your core competencies, we provide intensive support for the implementation of the requirements for the safety of machinery.

  • Analysis/inspection

    For legal protection, you must be able to demonstrate that you have performed all the required steps from risk assessment to validation by means of thorough and complete documentation.

As a machine manufacturer, i.e., when you plan, design, construct, modify, complete or place machinery on the market, you must satisfy the requirements of the Machinery Directive, especially with respect to the safety and reliability of controllers.

Expert service in compliance with directives

Safety lifecycle for machinery  

Safety lifecycle for machinery

Our measures are based on the safety lifecycle for machinery as per EN ISO 13849 and EN 62061. This means that we provide consistent and traceable support that can be planned for the implementation of your safety-related requirements. This means that as the person responsible for functional safety, you can prevent all possible hazardous and systematic errors and therefore work in compliance with standards.

Support in the safety lifecycle of your system
We support you in every phase of the safety lifecycle of your system – from risk assessment and validation to CE marking.


Here you will find downloads with detailed information on the individual phases, the relevant measures required, and our support for you.

Description Language Updated
All phases: process analysis [PDF, 79 KB]
Analysis of the process for achieving the safety of machinery
English 15.02.2011
Phase 0: risk assessment [PDF, 0.11 MB]
Determining the measures required for risk reduction
English 15.02.2011
Phase 1: safety planning [PDF, 0.12 MB]
Functional safety management
English 15.02.2011
Phase 2: specification [PDF, 0.11 MB]
Creating and checking hardware and software technical specifications
English 15.02.2011
Phase 3: validation planning [PDF, 0.11 MB]
Planning function tests for safety functions
English 15.02.2011
Phase 4: implementation [PDF, 0.14 MB]
Parameterization and programming of safety functions according to the technical specifications
English 15.02.2011
Phase 5: verification [PDF, 0.12 MB]
Verifying the design of hardware and software
English 15.02.2011
Phase 6: code simulation [PDF, 0.11 MB]
Simulation of the safety function
English 15.02.2011
Phase 7: validation [PDF, 0.11 MB]
Function test, verification and validation report, and configuration management
English 15.02.2011


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