Expert support for your safety

Phoenix Contact expert explaining the requirements for the safety of machinery to customers  

We help you meet the requirements for the safety of machinery

So that you can continue to focus on your core competencies, we provide intensive support for the implementation of the requirements for the safety of machinery.

We provide assistance on site or handle complete subtasks, which we implement according to your specifications.

On-site process assistance

Our experts provide support for your safety designers directly on site at your company by means of presentations. Through this intensive presentation, we will work with you at each stage of the safety lifecycle to develop the ideal solution for your requirements. Our presentation covers all the necessary normative and legal aspects for your specific topic. We work with standardized documentation templates. For the relevant phase of the safety lifecycle, our expert will show how the documentation templates are handled and will discuss the technical contents with you in relation to the actual application. You will determine which topics need to be recorded and the order in which this should be done. Your development document therefore provides the basis for the verification document.

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Safety presentation [PDF, 0.12 MB]
On-site process assistance
English 12.10.2015

Safety engineering

Your documents and requirements are our work template – we implement functional safety for you. Leave your safety applications to our experts and rely on years of experience and safety expertise.

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Safety engineering [PDF, 0.13 MB]
Implementation of functional safety
English 12.10.2015

Preparation of operating instructions

We will prepare operating instructions in line with 2006/42/EC for your machinery in compliance with the directive based on the initial information provided by you. To do this, we will interview you on site using a checklist and request the necessary technical information. According to the Machinery Directive, operating instructions must accompany every machine placed on the market. Operating instructions are an important part of the conformity process and a prerequisite for affixing the CE mark. As a final risk reduction measure, the operating instructions inform the user of any residual risks and how these can be prevented or managed.

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Preparation of operating instructions [PDF, 0.15 MB]
Operating instructions for CE conformity in compliance with the directive
English 12.10.2015

Request support for implementation

Request your individual support here. We will be happy to discuss further details with you.


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