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Surge Protective Devices - Installation and Commissioning

Surge Protective Devices - Installation and Commissioning
Duration:1 day
Time:08:30 - 16:00
Seminar ID:Surge Protective Devices - Installation and Commissioning
Price per Date: Free of charge
Maximum number of participants: 8

Free of charge, Light lunch provided.


Installation and Commissioning - This one day seminar is designed for instrument technicians, electricians and installers. It will focus on the principles of operation of an SPD and the correct installation of surge protection devices for both power and instrumentation applications. Attendees will learn about the different classifications and their influence over installation locations. They will learn about the testing and maintenance of an SPD and also given practical examples of good and bad installations.

Who should attend:

This seminar would suit anyone with some form of basic electrical knowledge or anyone who is involved in panel design/build or involved in electrical control systems, machinery refurbishment/upgrade,
as well as industrial electrical systems Planners and installers, industrial network managers, and operators of electrical and electronic systems.


You will learn how surges are created and how they can be coupled into different line systems, the difference between the internal and external lightning protection and the importance of the equipotential bonding system.
and the fields of application of lightning current and surge arresters and take advantage of modern measures and concepts to increase your system availability.


Experience Profile – Holger Heckler

Holger Heckler graduated from the University of Applied Sciences of Bielefeld (Germany) with a diploma in Electrical Engineering (Dipl.-Ing.) and spent his career working for industrial companies such as Hartmann & Braun, ABB Utility Automation and Phoenix Contact Germany. Based on nearly 20 years of experience with lightning and surge protection, he has written multiple scientific papers for national and international conferences and for technical publications in fifteen different countries. Holger has carried out training seminars on lightning and surge protection, on electromagnetic compatibility and on computer-related topics in twenty-one different countries in Europe, North America, Africa, Asia and Oceania. He as well participates in the work for German and international standardization bodies.


  • Function principle of surge protective devices (SPDs)
  • Overview of the standards relevant to surge protection
  • Classification and testing of SPDs
  • Comparison of different types of SPDs and their behaviour
  • Recommended installation locations
  • Routing of protected and unprotected lines
  • Recommendation for optimized installation
  • Overcurrent protective devices (circuit breakers, fuses)
  • Selectivity of overcurrent protective devices
  • Grounding and equipotential bonding
  • Typical installation errors
  • Maintenance and field-testing of SPDs
  • Questions and answers session


C6 The Exchange
Calmount Park
Dublin 12
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