Relay technology

Relay technology

Innovative solutions for switching devices

Greater safety and availability in the industry.

Preparing innovations in switching device technology for the market – means: recognizing requirements, pooling expertise from various areas, and being able to manufacture new products ourselves.

With technological expertise, expert teams, and decades of experience, Phoenix Contact drives fundamental research and develops products from the initial idea to the production stage.

An example of innovation: the new, narrow elementary relay with force-guided contacts

The new 6 mm elementary relay

The new 6 mm elementary relay

Until now, the size of elementary relay has always been a limiting factor. Phoenix Contact has developed a narrow, force-guided elementary relay which now offers full performance with an overall width of just 6 mm – with low energy consumption and maximum system availability.

The miniaturization of mechatronic functions allows security concepts to be modularized - as is required for Industrie  4.0, for example.

The elementary relay as the cornerstone of the new switching devices

Advancement with the new relay technology

The highly compact PSRmini safety relay

The miniaturized elementary relay with force-guided contacts allows, for example, development of a compact safety relay with an overall width of just 6 mm.

From one contact per device, construct your security solution in a modular way with minimum space requirements.

Your advantages:

  • Compact design and lower costs due to extremely narrow 6 or 12 mm housing
  • Switching capacity up to 6 A
  • Maximum reliability through diagnostic double contact
  • Modular design: now from only one single contact per device
  • Design of distributed concepts through installation up to the hazardous area


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