Customizable, thanks to NFC

Individually adjust signaling thresholds and characteristic curves via the integrated NFC interface.

In order to offer you the right power supply unit for your unique application, we focus on innovative technologies. So that every machine and system is reliably supplied with current, Phoenix Contact is now offering QUINT POWER, the first parameterizable power supply in the world. It can be flexibly adjusted: signaling thresholds and characteristic curves are individually adjusted to the needs of your system – via NFC.

NFC – what's that?

Near field communication  

Wireless and contactless exchange of data using near field radio communications

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a transmission standard for wireless and contactless data exchange at a close distance.

In contrast to Bluetooth or WLAN, for example, NFC is not a permanent point-to-point connection. This means that data transmission starts as soon as a connection is established between the power supply and the smartphone. As there are restrictions with regard to the amount of data and the transmission speed, the smartphone must not be moved during transmission.

Custom parameterization via NFC


QUINT POWER app for custom parameterization

Use the QUINT POWER app to individually parameterize your QUINT POWER power supply via NFC.

Among other things, you can define signaling thresholds for preventive function monitoring, set the output voltage, and adapt the output characteristic curve to your specific requirements. You can also save and send configuration profiles on your mobile terminal device.


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