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Visualization and programming in one tool

In automation solutions, the visualization software acts as the link between the hardware and the user. Increasing competitive pressure requires differentiating features – an optimized user interface is the calling card of the system and therefore represents an important distinguishing criterion.

PLCnext Engineer is not only programming software but also an ideal tool for creating modern visualizations. This integrated platform concept has many advantages: operating concepts already used for programming make it easier to get started, additional, external software tools become obsolete, and programming and visualization work together reliably since they dovetail perfectly.

PLCnext Engineer makes it possible for you to create web-based visualizations based on open
standards such as HTML5 and JavaScript:

  • Scalable and flexible – any device with a web browser can be used as an HMI client without any additional software.
  • Resource-friendly – the performance of the controller is available for core tasks.
  • Shortened development time – reusability of visualization templates, pre-configured objects, as well as specially created icons.


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