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All the advantages of the real-time operating system

All the advantages of the real-time operating system

A Linux real-time operating system forms the basis of the new control platform. You can benefit from all the advantages of Linux – but very conveniently in the framework of a controlled system. Take advantage of, for example, the expertise and free programs such as an SQL server, software blocks and technologies from the open source community and extend your automation system very efficiently and easily. In this way, you save development time and costs – but only when you want to.

With PLCnext Control, in contrast to open Linux PCs, there is no need to program the essential basic functions of a PLC; they are already included. This makes the solution attractive and simple to use. Important PLC functions such as task scheduling, task-consistent data exchange between programs, and a data logging module are made available based on the PLCnext Technology as part of the open control solution. PLCnext Technology ensures PLC-typical real-time performance and data consistency, including for high-level languages and model-based code. Benefit from higher efficiency, thanks to these patent-pending functions:

Execution and Synchronization Manager (ESM)
ESM is the scheduler for PLCnext Technology and makes it possible to bring programs from different programming languages into a defined time sequence.

Global Data Space (GDS)
GDS ensures the cycle-consistent process data exchange between programs and fieldbus systems.


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