Press-in technology

Mounting without soldering? Press-in technology makes this possible. This mounting type is characterized by easy mounting and high holding forces.

Your advantages

  • No temperature load on connection components, thanks to mounting without soldering
  • High holding forces: pins make gas-tight contact in the metal-plated drill holes
  • Efficient assembly process: press-in method using toggle press or pneumatic press


Automated press-in method of PCB terminal blocks  

Automated press-in method

Press-in technology offers an alternative to THR or SMT solder mounting, especially when the PCB and its components should not be subjected to thermal loads.

The solder-free connection is established by pressing the press-in pins of the component to be mounted into metal-plated holes on the PCB. In the simplest case, a toggle press is used. Pneumatic presses are used for automated assembly processes.

With the press-in method, the outer edges of the special pin contour cut into the metal plating, thereby ensuring gas-tight electrical contacting.

Find the right solution for you in no time at all

All PCB connections for press-in technology can be found via the link below.


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