Seebach waterworks: time and money saved

Wireless connection of substations to the control center with the Radioline wireless system

Waterworks signage  

Waterworks signage

The Seebach waterworks joint board uses a wireless solution, which is suitable for industrial applications, in order to communicate between various substations.

With the aim of obtaining drinking water, parts of the remote control network are now established on the basis of the new Radioline wireless system from Phoenix Contact.


The Seebach district administration authority supplies drinking water from the Osthofen, Bechtheim-West, and Mölsheim water treatment plants via an extensive supply network of approximately 500 km. From the primary pumping station in Osthofen, the water is supplied to Bechtheim-West, Gundheim, and Dalsheim via storage tanks, 21 water tanks, and the corresponding pumping stations.

As part of the ongoing automation of the waterworks, electrical connections have been established to all the water storage tanks and pumping stations in the service area. As well as wired connections, wireless solutions that use wireless systems from Phoenix Contact are also implemented.

Now, even more pumping stations and elevated tanks need to be connected to the remote control network. These stations are located in central Weinbergen at a distance of several kilometers from one another. This would make it costly and practically impossible to lay cables.


Radioline wireless system  

Radioline wireless system with I/O extension modules

Based on their positive experience with the wireless solution from Phoenix Contact, those responsible at the Seebach district administration authority opted for the Radioline system, which is based on Trusted Wireless 2.0 technology.

The easy installation and modular design of the wireless stations fulfilled all of the requirements pertaining to the application, particularly as the wireless system can transmit both I/O signals and serial data and can be flexibly extended.

Pressure-reducing station with wireless connection  

Pressure signals and fault messages are transmitted wirelessly in the pressure-reducing station

Easy configuration without software

The pumping station in Bechtheim-West and the elevated tanks in Hessloch and Dittelsheim are located in the middle of vineyards. Here, distances of up to 2.5 kilometers need to be covered wirelessly between the individual plants and a defective cable connection needs to be replaced. Furthermore, a pressure reducing station located around 1.5 kilometers from Hessloch needed to be connected to the Hessloch plant.

“The configuration of the wireless modules and the respective analog and digital input and output modules was extremely easy”, reports Herman-Josef Hofmeister, impressed by the fact that the Radioline system does not require any additional software in order to transmit I/O signals. The wireless connection is established and the I/O extension modules are assigned by adjusting the thumb wheel on the front of the devices.

Reliable bridging of distances of up to five kilometers

Pumping station in Dalsheim  

The pumping station in Dalsheim is equipped with several wireless systems

A 4.5 kilometer wireless connection also needed to be established between Monsheim and Dalsheim in order for two new elevated tanks to be integrated into the network.

Parabolic antennas, which amplify the wireless signal and channel it in a specific direction, enable this considerable distance to be covered. Serial data is sent via the wireless path in order to connect the controllers to one another. The plant in Dalsheim connects the elevated tanks to the control center in Osthofen.


Hermann-Josef Hofmeister  

Master electrician Hermann-Josef Hofmeister at the Osthofen waterworks

“By using the Radioline wireless system, the Seebach district administration authority has saved a lot of time and money”, concludes Hermann-Josef Hofmeister. “The installation of two wireless modules cost the same as it would to hire a digger, which doesn't even include the excavation work.”

Based on its several years of experience with Trusted Wireless technology, the Seebach district administration authority will continue to use wireless systems from Phoenix Contact in future.


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