T-LOX knee lever connection

T-LOX knee lever connection

More convenience when connecting large conductors

Connect conductors with cross sections up to 95 mm² for the first time using a fast connection.

The T-LOX knee lever connection allows you to connect large conductor cross sections with ease. The principle is based on a spring that generates a programmed contact force. The conductors can conveniently be swiveled into the terminal point.

Your advantages

  • Time-saving conductor connection thanks to spring-based fast connection technology
  • Convenient and secure wiring of large conductor cross sections up to 95 mm²
  • Intuitive operation, thanks to color-coded actuating lever

Owing to its design, the T-LOX knee lever connection is particularly suitable for conductor cross sections greater than 35 mm2. The conductors can be inserted easily into the open terminal point, and the color-coded lever can be thrown with ease using a screwdriver.

Advantages: The lever mechanism allows you to view the terminal point unobstructed, can be operated very easily using a standard screwdriver, and facilitates the long-term stability of contacts even under the effects of heavy mechanical stress, regardless of the conductor cross section.

Because the contact force of the integrated spring is proportionate to the cross section, you can securely connect multiple-wire conductors with cross sections of up to 95 mm2 – all up to 70% faster than with the conventional screw connection.


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