Areas of application

Advanced Shielding Technology from Phoenix Contact

Totally protected shielding

Advanced Shielding Technology optimizes the current design of M8 and M12 connectors.

Mechanical loads

Mechanical loads caused by drag chains  

Totally reliable

Advanced Shielding Technology guarantees shock- and vibration-resistance at high mechanical loads in torsion, drag chain or robotic applications.

Machines and production plants

Superior system availability  

Totally protected

If there is a short circuit in the machine parts, Advanced Shielding Technology can be used to enable a current to flow via the shield until the fuses are triggered. Thanks to the minimal generation of heat, the large-area shielding ensures greater safety and reduces the risk of fire.

Environment subject to high electromagnetic loads

EMC protection in robotic applications  

Totally future-proof

In the field of intelligent production plants and industrial networks, Advanced Shielding Technology realizes the future-proof transmission of high data volumes and continuously increasing transmission rates of up to 40 Gbps. The improved shield dissipation thus provides secure protection against electromagnetic interferences.

Drive technology

Transient overvoltages caused by the switching processes of inductive loads  

Totally resistant

High voltages are briefly generated when switching inductive loads such as motors. Thanks to the continuous connection between the shielding braid and plug, assembled connectors with Advanced Shielding Technology are resistant to transient overvoltages and guarantee a higher level of system availability.

Outdoor applications

Lightning strike in outdoor applications  

Totally robust

Thanks to the robust connection and 360° shield cover, connectors with Advanced Shielding Technology will easily even withstand lightning strikes and current peaks up to 20 kA. They are thus particularly suitable for use in outdoor applications.


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Advanced Shielding Technology

Totally protected shielding for assembled connectors.