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Type 3 surge protection

High-performance end device protection

Protect your sensitive end devices with our dependable type 3 products.

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In order to protect sensitive end devices, you need to implement type 3 device protection as the third and last protection stage. Important requirement: type 2 surge protection must already be installed in the sub-distribution.

Your advantages

  • Supports a variety of applications thanks to outstanding protection for AC and DC applications
  • Higher safety at electrical and thermal overload thanks to disconnect device
  • Access to protective device status information at all times thanks to visual, mechanical status indicator and remote indication contact
  • Easy maintenance thanks to the pluggable protective devices

PLUGTRAB SEC – Can be used universally

Type 3 device protection with Push-in connection technology  

Type 3 device protection – PLT-SEC-…-PT

Protect AC and DC applications with our reliable PLUGTRAB SEC type 3 surge protection devices. The internal disconnect device offers maximum safety at electrical and thermal overload. Increase the service life and availability of the system through optimal protection of your industrial power supply. Our Push-in connection technology enables quick and tool-free installation. Pluggability enables easy maintenance and testing.

All of the properties at a glance:

  • High-performance, varistor-based end device protection for industrial power supplies
  • Optionally with Push-in connection or screw connection technology
  • Visual status indicator and floating remote indication contact for convenient monitoring of the operating state
  • Can be used universally


Device protection type 3 – BLOCKTRAB  

Device protection type 3 – BLOCKTRAB

With our device protection type 3 BLOCKTRAB, your end devices are protected in a way that is practically invisible.A bearing rail-mounted product that is installed in the control cabinet is not always a suitable solution. BLT-T3 is installed in device sockets, cable ducts, and underfloor systems. BLT-SKT is installed behind standard sockets. The connected consumers remain in operation even in the event of an overload.

  • Concealed surge protection, thanks to installation in the device socket/flush-socket installation
  • Can be installed directly using pre-assembled and color-coded cables
  • Acoustic signaling in case of overload
  • Can be used universally, thanks to its compact design


Narrowest type 3 surge protection for 24 V nominal voltages – TERMITRAB  

Narrowest type 3 surge protection for 24 V nominal voltages – TERMITRAB

Protect the 24 V power supply of end devices like I/Os or controllers with the narrowest type 3 surge protection. The narrow design of just 6 mm ensures space-saving installation.Our pluggable protection modules enable easy testing and replacement.

  • Space-saving installation
  • Low voltage protection level
  • Optionally with Push-in connection or screw connection technology
  • Safe disconnection and signaling in the event of overload


Type 3 device protection as an attachment plug before the end device  

Type 3 device protection as an attachment plug before the end device

The adapters for the AC sockets are ideal for retrofitting surge protection into shield electronic end devices. A green LED indicates the protective device's surge function. Optimum protection is provided for all connected consumers. The attachment plug with interface protection simultaneously protects the power supply and another interface against overvoltages.

  • Easy retrofitting for existing installations
  • Reliable disconnect device
  • Including required accessories
  • Country-specific versions available


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