Type 2 surge protective devices

Type 2 surge protective devices

Narrow and powerful

Type 2 surge protection should be present in every sub-distribution. It is the only way to achieve effective protection.

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Switching operations are far and away the most frequent cause of surge voltages. Type 2 surge protective devices provide effective protection against these dynamic disturbance variables. Whether in an industrial environment or in a residential building, type 2 protections ensures basic protection for your installations and devices.

Your advantages

  • Low voltage protection level thanks to varistor-based protective circuit
  • Optimum protection against surge voltages thanks to high-performance disconnect device
  • High short-circuit current capability up to 50 kA
  • Saves time, money, and space thanks to use up to 315 A without a backup fuse
  • Easy maintenance thanks to universally pluggable protective devices

Most narrow type 2 surge protective device in the world

Type 2 surge protection  

Type 2 surge protection in the sub-distribution

With an overall width of just 12 mm per channel, VALVETRAB SEC is the narrowest type 2 surge protective device in the world. With an overall width of just 48 mm, you are able to implement excellent protection against surge voltages in a five-conductor system.

The protective device offers a voltage protection level of 1.5 kV. This means it meets the requirements of type 3 device protection. VALVETRAB SEC limits voltage peaks to such an extent that machines, systems, and household appliances are not damaged.

For industry and building installations with an external lightning protection system, type 2 surge protection is the second level of protection after the type 1 lightning arresters. The surge protective device handles short-circuit currents up to 50 kA. You can use the type 2 protective device without a backup fuse up to a main fuse nominal current of 315 A.

Modular and pluggable


VALVETRAB MS with ready-to-install arrester blocks

VALVETRAB MS are type 2 surge protective devices with a modular design. They consist of a base element and a protective plug. The overall width per path is 17.5 mm, which corresponds to one unit of horizontal pitch (HP).We make the choice easy for you with ready-to-install arrester blocks for various applications.

  • Ready-to-install arrester blocks combine various applications.
  • Biconnect terminal blocks enable easy bridging, e.g. for residual-current devices.
  • Mechanical coding upon inserting the protective plug into the base element for the first time.
  • Easy and impedance-neutral insertion and removal, e.g. for insulation measurements. There is no need for complicated disconnection and connection. 

Backup fuse included

Surge protection for 5-conductor networks  

Surge protection with coordinated backup fuse

If the main fuse in your application is > 315 A, you also have to provide surge protection with an additional fuse. In this case, we offer suitable surge protection in the form of the VAL-CP-MCB, consisting of a type 2 surge protective device with coordinated arrester backup fuse.

This means you get double the safety with minimal installation time. Experience the benefits of easy planning, independent of the installation environment. The integrated status indicator and option for remote signaling provide information on the effectiveness of the surge protection. The space-saving solution is available for 5-, 4- and 3-conductor systems. 

Type 2 surge protection for 60 mm rail systems

VALVETRAB combination  

Surge protection with backup fuse for 60 mm rail systems

VAL-CP-MOSO are type 2 universal surge protective devices with a high level of short-circuit current capability on a narrow mounting base of just 54 mm.

These surge protective devices also offer a status indicator and remote indication contact.

You can install the protective devices in all standard 60 mm rail systems.

This type of installation is incredibly easy: Snap on the surge protection, connect the equipotential bonding and you're done!


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