Trusted Wireless Ethernet

Secure wireless transmission

Secure wireless transmission

Integrate system parts reliably and securely in your Ethernet network even over large distances – with Trusted Wireless Ethernet.

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Secure remote transmission even in environments subject to high levels of interference – the impressive features of Trusted Wireless Ethernet from Phoenix Contact. The technology was developed specifically for harsh conditions and offers numerous properties to ensure your Ethernet communication. Trusted Wireless Ethernet is reliable and offers a high level of performance – this means that you can also implement SCADA applications wirelessly.

Your advantages

  • Transmission of Ethernet data over paths of up to 32 km, thanks to 900 MHz MOTR9 transceiver
  • Easy integration of serial devices in IP-based networks, thanks to device server for RS-232/RS-422/RS-485
  • Save on distributed controllers: analog or digital extension modules can be addressed via Modbus TCP

Additional protection with AES data encryption

Data decryption  

Secure transmission with AES data encryption

Play it safe and combine the frequency hopping method with optional AES encryption.

This increases data integrity significantly. You can choose the type of encryption used: 128, 192 or 256-bit.  

Perfectly adapted, thanks to the adjustable data packet size

Data packet size  

Optimum wireless transmission, thanks to the adjustable packet size

Adapt your wireless transmission concept to the relevant requirements and therefore optimize communication. Depending on the size of your data packets, you can adjust the packet size individually.

For example, if you use protocols with large overhead or a lot of user data, increase the packet size. However, if transmitting I/O data with a small number of bits, reduce the packet size.

In addition, select the data rate of the wireless interface as 125, 250 or 500 kbps. The lower the data rate, the greater the range and the more tolerant the system is to sources of interference.


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