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Modular and plug-in – type 2 surge protective devices

VALVETRAB MS is available with various nominal voltages and in various different performance classes. We make it easy for you to choose – with ready-to-install arrester blocks for various applications.

Plug-in and self-coding

VALVETRAB MS from Phoenix Contact with ready-to-install arrester blocks  

VALVETRAB MS with ready-to-install arrester blocks

The VALVETRAB MS product range offers plug-in, modular type 2 surge protective devices, with a design width of 17.5 mm per path. This corresponds to one pitch.

  • Short installation time: ready-to-install arrester blocks combine various applications.
  • Biconnect terminal blocks enable easy bridging, e.g., for residual current circuit breakers.
  • No room for error: when the protective plug is inserted into the base element for the first time, it is mechanically keyed. This prevents incorrect installation.
  • No interruptions: simply remove the protective plug to perform insulation measurements or replace it in the event of overload. Thanks to this plug-in capability, the power supply is not interrupted.

User-friendly monitoring

VALVETRAB MS from Phoenix Contact with thermal disconnect device  

VALVETRAB MS with thermal disconnect device

All plugs in the VALVETRAB MS product range are equipped with a thermal disconnect device.

This means you are always on the safe side.

  • When necessary, the disconnect device disconnects the protective element from the mains. This may be the case if the high-capacity varistor has been overloaded too frequently or excessively.
  • An optical, mechanical fault display indicates disconnection. At the same time, the change in state can be indicated via a floating PDT.
  • Recurring tests for surge protective devices can be performed quickly and easily using the CHECKMASTER arrester test device from Phoenix Contact.


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