Software for configuration, monitoring, and diagnostics

For maximum availability

For maximum availability

Efficient automation – thanks to fast startup, constant monitoring, and reliable diagnostics.

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Cost-effective production requires maximum availability. Phoenix Contact offers software tools that not only enable you to start up your system quickly, but also monitor it efficiently and diagnose errors reliably. Suitable for PROFINET or INTERBUS networks as well as lower-level systems such as HART, PROFIBUS or IO-Link.

Your advantages

  • Central configuration of PROFINET and INTERBUS networks using a single tool
  • Analyze errors precisely and avoid system downtimes, thanks to integrated diagnostic functions
  • Simultaneous monitoring of multiple networks using Diag+ NetScan
  • Quick and easy configuration of safety modules, thanks to SAFECONF configuration software

Software tools for configuration, monitoring, and diagnostics

Connect+ software box  

Easy startup and parameterization with Connect+

We offer powerful software solutions at a fair price for all aspects of system availability.

Connect+ is the consistent software solution for easy startup and application parameterization for all small-scale controllers from Phoenix Contact. The software includes functions such as initial configuration of controllers and easy firmware changes. Know-how can be protected and manipulation prevented with the aid of Connect+, without publishing the complete programming environment and the readable development project. 

PV Monitor+
PV Monitor+ is the efficient software solution for guaranteeing the long-term yield of your PV system up to a nominal power of 500 kW. Currents and voltages are continuously acquired. If these values fall below or exceed the set parameters, an alarm is sent in the form of a text message. As such, you can keep an eye on system performance at all times and intervene in processes if required.

A software tool for the easy configuration, startup, and maintenance of INTERBUS and PROFINET networks. You can create your own configurations or read them from the system. Third-party software can be connected via the FDT interface.

The diagnostics tool for displaying network errors and the states of controllers and devices. Specifically tailored to PROFINET and INTERBUS, the software also offers preventive diagnostic functions such as monitoring the signal quality.

The user-friendly safety software for functional safety. SAFECONF can be used to configure PSR-TRISAFE or SafetyBridge modules. Simply drag and drop to create a safety system that is tailored to your requirements.  


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