Safe control technology

Safety at the highest level

Safety at the highest level

The high-performance solution for demanding safety tasks in complex systems: safety controllers.

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Wide range of safety functions, high numbers of I/Os, and large networks – play it safe even in demanding automation systems. With the high-performance safety controllers from Phoenix Contact, you can reliably integrate functional safety in PROFIsafe or INTERBUS-Safety networks.

Your advantages

  • Controls even large numbers of I/Os reliably, thanks to high-performance technology
  • Uniform configuration worldwide, thanks to standardized programming according to IEC 61131
  • Precise diagnostic options, thanks to integrated display
  • Maximum flexibility, thanks to the wide range of interfaces plus support for PROFIsafe and INTERBUS-Safety
  • Reduced wiring effort, thanks to the joint transmission of control and safety protocols via a single Ethernet cable

Safe analog value processing with standard I/O modules

Safe analog value processing

Functional safety: with Safe AI

With the Safe AI solution package, you do not require any safety-related analog I/O modules for your safety application, as TÜV-certified software is used to process the safety-related analog values. Safety functions up to SIL 3 and PL e can be implemented by doing so. The consultation service provided by our safety experts completes the package.

RFC 470S safe PROFIsafe controller

RFC 470S safety controller  

High-performance safety controller: the RFC 470S

Our programmable safety controllers can be used in both complex safety applications and standard applications. Thanks to the integrated PROFINET interface, the RFC 470S communicates directly with PROFIsafe modules.

SLC 400 PND safe INTERBUS-Safety proxy

Safety SLC 400  

Integration of safe INTERBUS networks with the INTERBUS-Safety proxy

The controller with integrated INTERBUS master is the basic unit of the INTERBUS-Safety system.

The entire project is stored together with all settings on a plug-in parameterization memory.

In total, the safe controller supports a maximum of 126 safe devices and 512 devices in mixed operation.

Gateways for PROFIsafe

PROFIsafe gateway FL PN/PN SDIO-2TX/2TX  

Consistent and secure I/O communication beyond network boundaries – with the PROFIsafe gateway

Unique: PROFIsafe across network boundaries and beyond

The PROFIsafe gateway from Phoenix Contact enables secure communication between two PROFINET networks. This means that you can implement system-wide and manufacturer-independent functional safety, such as emergency stop concepts.

Safe I/Os for all common bus systems

I/O modules with SafetyBridge technology  

Safe I/O modules for numerous protocols

Our safety-related I/O modules impress, thanks to their flexible use. Depending on the bus couplers and safety controllers, the I/O modules can be used with PROFIsafe in PROFINET and PROFIBUS systems or in INTERBUS safety applications.

We offer you digital input and output modules such as relay modules. These products enable you to meet high safety requirements:

  • PL e (EN ISO 13849-1)
  • SIL 3 (IEC 61508)
  • SILCL 3 (EN 62061)


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