Retrofitting and modernization components

Retrofitting and modernization components

Fast PLC migration

Bring old control systems in line with state-of-the-art technology using refit adapters from Phoenix Contact.

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    Refit adapters

    Using refit adapters from Phoenix Contact, you can bring old machinery in line with state-of-the-art technology.

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The service life and availability of hardware is limited, especially for control systems. When it becomes difficult and expensive to obtain replacement parts or a more powerful system is required, you should consider retrofitting or modernizing your system.

Your advantages

  • Greater availability, thanks to short downtimes during the migration process
  • Error-free connection by retaining the existing field wiring
  • Reduced wiring effort, thanks to plug-in components
  • Reduced maintenance costs, thanks to ongoing technological development of the system

Overview of the refit adapters

Intermediate adapter, conversion adapter, and startup adapter  

Various refit adapters for PLC migration

1) Intermediate adapter for converting SIMATIC® S5 to SIMATIC® S7-400

The S5 connector is plugged directly onto the I/O card using the intermediate adapter. A new S7-400 is installed in place of the S5. The existing field wiring is retained.

2) Conversion adapter from SIMATIC® S5 to SIMATIC® S7-300

Conversion adapters connect the front adapters to S7-300 I/O modules. Using the adapters, the signals of the S5 front adapter can be converted to a 50-pos. strip. The signals are routed to the I/O module via a system cable and front adapter.

3) Startup adapter for extending the existing SIMATIC® S5 field wiring

All signals of the existing S5 wiring are extended using the universal startup adapters. The open cable end can be connected to different controllers such as S7-400 or S7-300. This enables communication for test purposes between the existing field wiring for the S5 and the new controller. Since the new control unit is temporarily arranged upstream of the control cabinet, the original system state can be restored if required. When the system is operating without errors with the new controller, the S5 can be replaced.


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