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PROFIBUS-compatible I/O systems

With a modular design

PROFIBUS components   

Overview of PROFIBUS components

Particularly robust and simple: thanks to the Axioline F series, your PROFIBUS network is especially immune to interference and EMC is ensured. Along with robust mechanics and resistance to shock and vibration, Axioline ensures increased availability of your system. Push-in connection technology facilitates installation and saves you time.

Maximum flexibility: the modular design of the Inline system means flexibility like never before. You have a large selection of I/Os and special function modules. This enables you to create PROFIBUS stations which are precisely tailored to your requirements. Your investments are restricted to only the most important items and you save a lot of space in the control cabinet.

Modular in the field: I/O devices in the Fieldline Modular series give you all the freedom during field installation. Functional and can be customized to your application.

Block design

Compact: the Inline Block IO devices offer a large number of channels in an extremely flat block design, as well as a bus connection and pre-set I/Os. This enables communication in a confined space.

Extremely robust: the Axioline E series with a block design for PROFIBUS DP always provides an individual solution with various housing versions and a wide range of functions.


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