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Software box: function block for power transmission and distribution

Industry-specific library

Easy startup, e.g., in intelligent local network stations or virtual power stations.

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The Powerworx library features function blocks for standard measuring devices, with which data is recorded in the low and medium voltage network and transmitted to the control center. Manufacturer-independent communication and standardized protocols ensure secure data transmission.

Your advantages

  • Time-saving startup, thanks to pre-programmed, industry-specific function block library
  • Minimized engineering costs and fast startup, thanks to user-defined data structures
  • Open and manufacturer-independent communication, thanks to easy integration of defined measuring devices
  • Easily record information about the network state by implementing the monitoring solution with function blocks

What Powerworx offers

The Powerworx library function blocks enable easy integration of standard measuring devices from manufacturers such as Horstmann​, ​Kries​, and ​Janitzer​. Function blocks are also included for the modular measuring terminal from Phoenix Contact.

Current and voltage measured values, events, outputs, and settings of the measuring devices used are directly read out and evaluated via the controller. The measured values and events are transmitted to the control system. You can view the results on site via the monitoring function for the online measured values. This enables you to respond flexibly and quickly to the current network state.


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