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Management tool: FL SNMP OPC server

Modern automation systems with Ethernet communication are mostly multifaceted and complex. Fast diagnostics therefore play an important role. FL SNMP OPC servers collect device and network information that can be read via SNMP. This is how you integrate SNMP-based devices in OPC-based process control systems (SCADA) on the one side and in human-machine systems (HMI) on the other side.

Detect network devices automatically

Automatic network scan  

Network scan with the SNMP OPC server

The SNMP OPC server offers automatic network scans. The software searches connected networks and inserts all existing devices together with their names, IP parameters, and SNMP data points in the network profile.

Network construction using drag & drop

Pre-configured device catalog of the SNMP OPC server  

Integration using drag & drop: device catalog of the SNMP OPC server

It couldn't be faster. Using drag & drop, move the pre-configured devices from a list to your network. The catalog provided contains infrastructure components and controllers from Phoenix Contact, which you simply need to select. The individual data points are already stored.

Just enter the corresponding IP address and you're done!

Integration made easy

MIB browser  

Find SNMP data points quickly – with the MIB browser

The MIB (Management Information Base) is a database that contains all the SNMP data points of a device. It is provided by all manufacturers of SNMP-compatible devices.

Do you want to create a device profile quickly and easily? The SNMP OPC server offers an MIB browser. It can be used to search the MIB for data points for the device profile. In this way, you can integrate elements into your network with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Easy integration of traps and alarms

Window for setting alarms and traps  

Easy configuration of alarm messages

With the SNMP OPC server, you can adapt trap messages easily and individually. In addition, it supports ActiveX objects, which means that trap messages from various applications can be easily displayed.

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