ME-PLC multifunctional housings

ME-PLC multifunctional housing

Housing system for controllers

Minimal wiring effort with pre-assembled front connection technology and DIN rail connector

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Multifunctional electronics housings from the ME-PLC series are ideal for applications that require a large installation space and connection technology on the front. The housing system offers a large PCB assembly area and efficient DIN rail connectors for a wide range of applications.

Your advantages:

  • Front connection module with lever technology for high connection convenience
  • Generous housing dimensions ensure plenty of space on the PCB
  • Convenient transmission of data and power, thanks to DIN rail connectors with up to 50 positions
  • Universal cover design for freely selectable connection technology

Plug-in front connection

Plug-in front connection  

Plug-in front connection, thanks to swivel connection modules

The system offers convenient connection options, thanks to swivel connection technology modules.

  • Connection technology positioned in the front area
  • Easy insertion and removal, thanks to lever technology
  • Completely pre-assembled with quick Push-in spring connection for up to 36 positions

DIN rail connector

DIN rail connector  

DIN rail connector for easy module-to-module communication

Combine ME-PLC electronics housing, available in two different versions, for maximum flexibility. Both versions are supplied as a mounting kit, i.e. without PCB and unmounted. This means that individual and application-specific PCB designs can be integrated easily, providing you with the functionality you need for your application.

  • 50-pos. in DIN rail and 40-pos. in device
  • 10-pos. in DIN rail and 10-pos. in device

Plenty of space

Plenty of space inside the housing  

Large dimensions provide plenty of space

The large dimensions and universal cover designs provide plenty of space when designing your PCB layouts.

  • Dimensions: W x H x D: 40 x 180 x 145 mm
  • Plenty of space for your individual electronics
  • Universal cover designs


Optical signal displays

Light guides  

Optical signal displays

The HS LC light guides for electronics housings are available in a variety of designs. We also offer the processing required on the electronics housings as an optional service.

  • Light guides are perfectly matched to electronics housings
  • Easy mounting on the PCB using press pins
  • Resistance to ESD

Information on Phoenix Contact multifunctional housings

Multifunctional housings are characterized by high variability and their particularly secure hold on the DIN rail. Using these housings, you can develop new multifunctional device concepts. You thus benefit from flexibility when choosing the connection technology, and time-saving and convenient wiring, thanks to the connections in the front area. Create modular device systems easily, thanks to the DIN rail connector.


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