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Electronic motor management modules

EMM modules offer all the advantages of modern real power monitoring: currents, voltages, and phase angle are recorded continuously. Permanent status monitoring with high scanning rates enables complete system protection.

Power within limits

Status monitoring by means of motor management  

Status monitoring by means of motor management

Monitor your motors and systems by means of electronic motor managers with freely parameterizable switching and signaling thresholds.

  • Direction of rotation: the thresholds can be the same for both directions of rotation or set separately. In the event of a switching threshold overrange or underrange, the motor manager shuts down the system. Forced shutdown can also be delayed. In addition, the module generates signals to detect the direction of rotation – asymmetry and phase failures are indicated immediately.
  • Parameterization: for parameterization, the EMM module evaluates the consumed real power. Voltage fluctuations and the drive machine load are not included. The real power therefore provides a more precise basis for parameterization than merely taking the current into consideration.
  • More reliable system protection: in the case of motor-driven pumps, the lower performance threshold provides reliable protection against hazardous dry running. The upper performance threshold responds quickly and reliably to blockages caused by foreign objects. Machine tools are monitored and protected in a similar way when drilling, milling or grinding.

More functions, more options

Motor management with the FDT/DTM software  

Motor management with the FDT/DTM software

Electronic motor management modules ensure even safer operation of your systems.

You can request additional data:

  • Apparent, real, and reactive power
  • Currents and voltages
  • Phase angle
  • Cycle and operating hours counter
  • Power meter
  • Thermistor monitoring

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